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Understand Qur’an Academy’s Huge Resources!!

بسم الله والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله

Since a long time, Understand Qur’an Academy has been doing immense work in the service of Al Qur’an al Kareem. Presenting its’ huge resource book with links to all courses, all books, all videos, all tests, all downloads etc. MaShaaAllah. Continue reading

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Five Main Punctuation Marks in the Qur’an

بسم الله والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله

We need guidance as to how to read the Qur’an. One such necessity is to learn about the Punctuation Marks in the Qur’an. This will help a Qur’an Reader to read the holy scripture without committing any errors in terms of meaning and connotations. 

Presenting a beautiful work by world-renowned Arabic scholar, Dr. V. Abdur Rahim. Continue reading

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Truthfulness: An Islamic Perspective

In Surah al Waaqi’ah, Allah asks a simple question to all mankind: نَحْنُ خَلَقْنَاكُمْ فَلَوْلَا تُصَدِّقُونَ

And in Surah Tawba, Allah orders His Messenger thus: خُذْ مِنْ أَمْوَالِهِمْ صَدَقَةً

The meaning of the first ayah is, “We have created you, so why do you not believe? 

And the meaning of the second ayah is, “Take, [O, Muhammad], from their wealth a charity“.

Did you find something significantly common in these two verses? Continue reading

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Lugha and Laghw: Connected and yet different!

Part 1 and Part 3

Arabic is a language par excellence. And Qur’anic Arabic is a miracle of all miracles!

Even though Lugha and Laghw come from the same root they are very different in meaning and connotations.

Laghw is foolish talk, nonsense, ineffectual, ungrammatical language.

Lugha is dialect, idiom, language, expression, word, jargon, lingo, vernacular, term.

I want to highlight two things here. Continue reading

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Al Laghw and the Jihad in modern times

One of the side effects of advancement in technology is innovations in the arena called al laghw.

The emerging trends in al laghw has brought drastic changes in the lifestyle of the contemporary society.

If you want to go against the flow, you have to take it as a jihad. Continue reading

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At-Tibyan: Easy Way to Qur’anic Reading (PDF with AUDIO)

An excellent and innovative brain child of the pioneering author, Dr. V Abdur Rahim, At-Tibyan is very useful to those who want to learn the art of reading Qur’anic Arabic through some basic English speech sounds.

This book takes me down the memory lane when I was personally involved in the making of the CD version of this book even I edited the brochure and advertisement material.

The late Khateeb, Mufti and Qaari Janab Muhammad Qasim Bhopali (May Allah forgive him and grant him the highest place in Jannah) had taken keen interest in the recording of this book’s CD.

Continue reading

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A blog of Qur’anic Arabic :)

About two days ago, one of the visitors to this blog brought to my knowledge an amazing blog, which I found, is highly beneficial for the seekers of Qur’anic Arabic. Some of the posts are really inspiring out there!

Thought of sharing this with YOU 🙂 Go and check out the site, Inshaa’Allah.  Continue reading

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The Dictionary of Qur’anic Usage

I have been using this Dictionary since many months, and it is very useful, alhamdulillah.

The content page was surprisingly not there in the original file I downloaded some years back. So I took the liberty to add the content page to help myself and for those wanting to use this dictionary for personal reference. If, however, any objection is raised from the parties concerned, and if it is brought to my knowledge, then I will remove this added page or even delete the file itself, Inshaa’Allah.  Continue reading

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