An effort in f a c i l i t a t i o n


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

وَتَزَوَّدُوا فَإِنَّ خَيْرَ الزَّادِ التَّقْوَىٰ

         “Take Provisions, but indeed the Best Provision is Allah-consciousness”                             (Surah al Baqarah 2: 197)

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NOTE: I brought all books scattered in three of my blogs together (on 18th Rabi al Awwal 1437 / 29 Dec. 2015, in one space over here, and categorized them in alphabetical order. In future, if I add a new book, it will also be as per the alphabetical order, InshaaAllah, but with a note in the bracket so that regular visitors can know the updates. Baarakallaahu Feekum



  1. * Qur’an/Mus’haf: Amazing and colourful Madinah MUS’HAF

  2. * Qur’an/Mus’haf: Another nice Mus’haf, Masha’Allah

  3. * Qur’an/Mus’haf: Colour Coded Tajweed Mus’haf

  4. * Qur’an/Mus’haf: For kindle devices

  5. * Qur’an/Mus’haf: In Flash Format with colour-coded Tajweed rules

  6. * Qur’an/Mus’haf: Tajweed Mus’haf

  7. Qaa’idah for Arabic Learners/Qur’an for Beginners

  8. 40 Top Questions about Islam

  9. 5 Pillars of Islam

  10. 6 Pillars of Faith

  11. 100 Hadeeth Nice collections

  12. 100 Fabricated Hadeeths

  13. 1000 Sunan

  14. 1000 Sunan – CD 1

  15. 1000 Sunan – CD 2

  16. 110 Hadeeth Qudsi

  17. 16 Things To Do When A Person Is Dying

  18. 200 Golden Hadeeths

  19. 3 Major Mistakes in 12 English Translations of the Qur’an (Added on 31/12/15)

  20. 4 Basic Qur’anic Terms

  21. 30 Hadeeth for Children Add on 28.3.16

  22. 40 Encounters with the Prophet by Dr.Adel ibn Ali al Shiddy

  23. 40 Hadeeth on the Qur’an

  24. 40 Hadeeth Qudsi

  25. A to Z for New Muslims

  26. A Basic Comparison: Scriptures of Christianity and Islam

  27. A Brief Guide to Islam

  28. A Brief Tour Through the Qur’an

  29. A Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam

  30. A Complete Idiot’s Guide to Islam (added July 2020)

  31. Afflictions and Worldy Difficulties – Reality Causes Benefits

  32. A Comparison between English Translations of Meanings of the Qu’an

  33. A Comparison between Islam, Christianity and Judaism

  34. A Concise Children’s Encyclopedia of Islam

  35. A Day in the House of the Messenger of Allah

  36. A Day in the Life of Muhammad

  37. A Day with The Prophet

  38. A Mercy for All that Exists!

  39. A Mercy to the Universe by Saeed ibn Ali Wahf Al Qahtan

  40. A Paper on the HADEETHS OF MUHARRAM

  41. Al Qaa’idah al Qur’aaniyyah: An Introduction to Tajweed

  42. An-Noor – The Light of Allah What is the Light of Allah?

  43. Are We Forced OR Do We Have Freewill?

  44. Asbab al Nuzul, Reasons for Revelation

  45. Ask about Ramadan

  46. As-Salaatu Alan-Nabi Prayers upon the Prophet (in Arabic)

  47. A Study of Qur’anic Oaths

  48. A Study on Hadiths of Virtues

  49. Adab al Mufrad

  50. Advice for the Seekers of Knowledge

  51. Al Fawaa’id: A collection of wise sayings by Imam Ibn al Qayyim

  52. Al Isra wal Me’raj (Prophet’s Night Journey and Ascension)

  53. Al Muhaddithaat: The Women Scholars in Islam

  54. Al Wala Wal Bara, Volume 1 

  55. Al Wala Wal Bara, Volume 2

  56. Al Wara Wal Bara, Volume 3

  57. And Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah by Abu Khalid al Muwahhid

  58. Animals in the Qur’an

  59. Approaching the Qur’an

  60. Arabic Dictionary: Al Mawrid: Arabic-English Dictionary

  61. Arabic Dictionary: HANS-WEHR Arabic-English Dictionary Ed. by J M Cowan

  62. Arabic Gems

  63. Are We Forced OR Do We Have Freewill? A beautiful Explanation to Al Qadar and Taqdeer

  64. A Thematic Commentary on the Qur’an

  65. Aspects of Prophet’s Mercy

  66. Atlas of the Islamic Conquests


  68. Auspices of Islam’s Ultimate Victory

  69. Authentic Interpretation of Dreams    

  70. Authentication of Hadith, Redefining the Criteria   

  71. Battle of Badr: Yaum al Furqaan

  72. Be Patient, Paradise will be Yours! inshaaAllah

  73. Best of the Best in Islam     

  74. Beyond Einstein: Big Bang and Black Holes

  75. Bilal, the Abyssinian: One Light, Many Colours

  76. Biographies of Muslim Scholars and Scientists   

  77. Blessing Lies in Teaching & Giving Advice

  78. Black Magic and Evil Magicians

  79. Captured Thoughts by Imam Ibn al Jawzi

  80. Categories of SHIRK

  81. Categories of Tawheed

  82. Chain of Command (Notes on Sciences of Hadith)     

  83. Changing the Qiblah 

  84. Character of the Prophet (sal-lal-lahu-alaihi-wa-sallam) by Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi

  85. Coherence in the Qur’an

  86. Commanders of the Muslim Army

  87. Commentary on 40 Hadeeth of An-Nawawi, Part 1

  88. Commentary on 40 Hadeeth of An-Nawawi, Part 2

  89. Companions of the Prophet

  90. Companions of the Prophet (Peace be upon him)

  91. Components & Classification of Hadith

  92. Concerning Divorce

  93. Conceptual Blockbusting: A Guide to Better Ideas by James Adams

  94. Concise Presentation of the Fiqh of the Sunnah and the Noble Book

  95. Concept of God in Major Religions

  96. Contemporary Physicists and the Existence of God

  97. Criterion between the Allies of the Merciful and the Allies of the Devil

  98. The Crucifixion

  99. Dajjal and All About Dajjal!

  100. Darwin’s Theory and Muslim Response

  101. Dawah Guide

  102. Dawah in the West: The Qur’anic Paradigm

  103. Dawah Training Course

  104. Destiny

  105. Development of Hadith literature

  106. Dialogue with an Atheist

  107. Do Not Become Angry

  108. Don’t Be Duped!

  109. Don’t Be Sad

  110. Du’aa Booklet

  111. Du’aa Qunoot

  112. Du’aa: 40 Rabbana Du’aas from the Qur’an

  113. Du’aa: A concise and comprehensive Du’aa

  114. Du’aa: At the end (Khatm) of one full Qur’an recitation

  115. Du’aas: Huda and Bushra

  116. Du’aa: Best Times to Make Du’aa

  117. Du’aa: For seeking knowledge

  118. Du’aa: Hymns and Prayers in the Qur’an

  119. Du’aa: Jawame Du’aa

  120. Du’aa: Seeking Refuge from 23 hateful things

  121. Du’aa: Taraweeh Du’aa of Sheikh Muhammad Jibreel

  122. Du’aa: The Key to A Successful Day

  123. Du’aas of the Prophets and Messengers

  124. Du’aa Booklet: Zikr-ul-laah, A Du’aa Booklet

  125. Dreams and Its Authentic Interpretation

  126. Dreamer’s Handbook On Dreams and Interpretations

  127. Dr. M Hamidullah,  History of the Qur’an_From Bahawalpur Lectures

  128. Dr. M Hamidullah, Educational System in the Time of the Prophet

  129. Dr. M Hamidullah, History of the Hadith_From Bahawalpur Lectures

  130. Dr. M Hamidullah, Introduction to Islam

  131. Dr. M Hamidullah, Islam and Communism

  132. Dr. M Hamidullah, The First Written Constitution of the World

  133. Dr. M Hamidullah, The Prophet’s Establishing a State and His Succession

  134. Dr. M Hamidullah, Why Fast

  135. Dying and Living for Allah: The LAST WILL of Khurram Murad Added on 16.2.2016

  136. Economics: An Introduction to Islamic Economics

  137. Economics: Contribution of Islamic Thought to Modern Economics

  138. Economic System of Islam    Add on 4.4.16

  139. Eid al Adha: Rulings on Sacrifice (Udhiyah)

  140. Eid in the House of the Messenger of Allah

  141. Eid Salah: Praying Eid in the Musallah is the Sunnah

  142. Embryology in the Qur’an – A Scientific & Linguistic Analysis

  143. Emotional Health

  144. Enjoy Your Life

  145. Epistemological Bias in the Physical and Social Sciences

  146. Essentials of Ramadhaan

  147. Etiquettes of Seeking Knowledge

  148. Even Angels Ask

  149. Excellent Qualities of the Prophet and His Companions, Sahih Muslim

  150. Excellent Qualities of the Qur’an

  151. Exordium to the Coherance in the Qur’an by Hamid al Din Farahi

  152. Expecting the Best from Allah

  153. Explanation of the Hadeeth on the Man who killed 99 people!

  154. Explanation to the Beautiful and Perfect Names of Allah

  155. Face to Face: The Maqrur of Paradise and Masrur of Fire (Added 30 Dec 15)

  156. Faith in the Messengers of Allah

  157. Falcon of the Quraysh

  158. Fasting: A Chart on Does it Break the Fast or Not?

  159. Fasting: Seventy Matters on Fasting

  160. Fasting: The Book of Fasting, An Extract from Sahih Muslim

  161. Fasting: Why Do Muslims Fast?    

  162. Festivals   

  163. Finality of Prophethood by Sayyid Abul A’la Maududi

  164. Fiqh Made Easy      

  165. Fiqh of Ibadah 

  166. Fiqh-us-Seerah by Muhammad al Ghazzali

  167. Fiqh-us-Sunnah

  168. Fiqh-uz-Zakah, Vol.1

  169. Fiqh-uz-Zakah, Vol.2

  170. Forty Hadeeth on Personality Development

  171. Fortune Telling, Jinn, Magic and Knowledge of the unseen

  172. Four Lessons from Seerah

  173. Friday Prayer and Its Rulings

  174. Friday Etiquettes

  175. From the Foundations of Imam Ahmed

  176. Fundamentals of Islam

  177. Gems and Jewels

  178. Geographical History of the Qur’an

  179. Glory of Iqbal

  180. Glossary of Islamic Terms

  181. God: Concept of God in Hinduism and Islam

  182. Gospel of Barnabas

  183. Guarding the Tongue added on 18th sept 2015

  184. Guidelines to Managers and Leaders

  185. Hadeeth: Biographies of Hadeeth Imams

  186. Hadeeth of Distress Explained

  187. Hadeeth on the Man who killed 99 people!

  188. Hadeeth and Sunnah as Second Source of Islamic Thought and Culture presentation

  189.  Hajj & Umrah Guide in 12 Languages:  

    1. Amharic_Hajj and Umrah Guide

    2. Arabic_Hajj and Umrah Guide

    3. Bengali_Hajj and Umrah Guide

    4. Bulgarian_Hajj and Umrah Guide

    5. English_Hajj and Umrah Guide

    6. Farsi_Hajj and Umrah Guide

    7. Filipino/Tagalog_Hajj and Umrah Guide

    8. French_Hajj and Umrah

    9. Indonesian_Hajj and Umrah Guide

    10. Kannada_Hajj and Umrah Guide

    11. Kurdish_Hajj and Umrah Guide

    12. Urdu_Hajj and Umrah Guide

  190. Hajj: Guideposts on the Hajj Route

  191. Hajj and Tawheed  

  192. Hajj and Women

  193. Hajj of the Prophet (sal-lal-lahu-alaihi-wa-sallam)

  194. Hajj: A History of Hajj

  195. Hajj: Common Mistakes in Hajj

  196. Hajj: Fiqh of Hajj

  197. Hajj: Fiqh-us-Sunnah/Fiqh-ul-Hajj

  198. Hajj: Glossary of Hajj related Terms

  199. Hajj: How To Perform Hajj, Umrah and Ziyarah

  200. Hajj: Important Fatwas Regarding TEN Rites of Hajj and Umrah

  201. Hajj: Journey of a Life Time

  202. Hajj: Obligation of Hajj Pilgrimage and its Excellence

  203. Hajj: Provisions for Hajj

  204. Hajj: Rites of Hajj and Umrah

  205. Hajj: Simple Hajj Guide

  206. Hajj: Steps in Hajj and Umrah

  207. Hajj: The Conduct of the Prophet During Hajj

  208. Hajj: Validity of a Child’s Hajj

  209. Hateem and the Grave of Prophet Ismail – A Clarification

  210. Healing Body and Soul added on 18 Sept 2016

  211. Healing with the Medicine of the Prophet by Ibn al Qayyim al Jawziyya

  212. Heaven’s Door (Part 2 of Purification of the Soul)

  213. Hijrah: Lessons from Prophet’s Hijrah

  214. History of Al Tabari: The Islamic History in 40 Volumes!!!

  215. History of Christianity: Shift from Monotheism To Trinity: Reflections and Sentiments

  216. History of the Cross: The Pagan Origin and Idolatory

  217. History of the Translation of the Meanings of the Qur’an in Germany Up to the Year 2000: A Bibliographical Survey

  218. HISTORY: The Qur’anic Concept of History

  219. Hisnul Muslim – Audio CD 1

  220. Hisnul Muslim – Audio CD 2

  221. Hisnul Muslim: Fortress of a Muslim

  222. Historical Events of Makkah al Mukarramah   

  223. Historical Facts on Jerusalem

  224. Historical Places in and around Madinah al Munawwarah    

  225. History of Islam, Vol. 1 by Akbar Shah Najeebabadi Added on 21.12.2016

  226. History of Islam, Vol. 2 Added on 6.7.2017

  227. History of the Hadith by Dr. M Hamidullaah   Add on 4.4.16

  228. History of the Qur’an by Dr. M Hamidullaah  Add on 4.4.16

  229. History of Compilation of Hadith by Abdul Ghaffar Hassan

  230. History of the Prophet by Muhammad M.Ghali

  231. History of the Qur’anic Text

  232. Holy Life of Prophet Muhammad by Abu Saleem Muhammad Abdul Hai

  233. How did Prophet Muhammad React to Personal Abuse

  234. How Islam Touched Their Hearts

  235. How to Approach the Qur’an

  236. Hygiene in the Sunnah

  237. Ibn Ashur’s Theory on Maqasid al Shariah

  238. If You Know Him, You will Love Him (Colourful collection of hadeeth)

  239. Imam al Shatibi’s Theory of Higher Objectives and Intent of Islamic Law

  240. Imam Ahmed ibn Hanbal’s TREATISE ON PRAYER

  241. In the Company of God Closeness to Allah Through the Beauty of His Names and Attributes

  242. Instructional Methods of the Prophet

  243. In the Early Hours

  244. Interactions of the Greatest: Prophet Muhammad’s Dealings with Different People

  245. Introduction to Islam by Dr. M Hamidullaah

  246. Introduction to Koranic and Classical Arabic

  247. Islam and Communism

  248. Islam and Knowledge

  249. Islam and the West

  250. Islam In a Changing World

  251. Is it not necessary to Read the Qur’an with Understanding?

  252. Islam in a Changing World

  253. Islam – The Easy Way

  254. Islam – The Misunderstood Religion

  255. Islam and Creativity

  256. Islam and Science: Islam’s Contribution to World Civilization

  257. Islam and the World

  258. Islam in Focus

  259. Islam: Movement for World Order

  260. Islam: The Greatest Liberator

  261. Islam’s Global Contribution

  262. Islamic Code of Life and Uniform Civil Code

  263. Islamic Concept & Characteristics

  264. Islamic Education Series of Text Books by Maulvi Abdul Aziz

    Grade 1          Grade 2           Grade 3          Grade 4          Grade 5          Grade 6

    Grade 7          Grade 8           Grade 9          Grade 10        Grade 11        Grade 12

  265. Islamic Perspective on Sex

  266. Islam Stands The Test of History

  267. Islamic Thought and Culture

  268. Islam Vs Ahl-al-Kitab: Past and Present

  269. Islamic Way of Life 

  270. Islamization of Knowledge: General Principles and Work Plan

  271. It is Not Necessary to Breathe!! (No Racism/No to White Supremacy!!)

  272. Jaami at-Tirmidhi, Vol 1 -Hadeeth 0001-0543

  273. Jaami at-Tirmidhi, Vol 2 – Hadeeth 0544-1204

  274. Jaami at-Tirmidhi, Vol 3 – Hadeeth 1205-1896

  275. Jaami at-Tirmidhi, Vol 4 – Hadeeth 1897-2605

  276. Jaami at-Tirmidhi, Vol 5 – Hadeeth 2606-3290

  277. Jaami at-Tirmidhi, Vol 6 – Hadeeth 3291-3956

  278. Jerusalem in the Qur’an      

  279. Jihad in Islam   Add on 4.4.16

  280. Keys To Jerusalem Add on 4.4.16    

  281. Khushoo  Add on 4.4.16

  282. Khutbat-e-Madras: Last Messenger’s Last Message by Sayyid Sulaiman Nadwi Added on 2.1.2016

  283. Khutba-e-Madras

  284. Kindness to Parents

  285. Kitab al Tawheed

  286. Know Your Creator

  287. Know Your Prophet and other Essays by Al Jumu’ah Magazine

  288. Leadership Lessons from the Prophet

  289. Legacy of the Prophet

  290. Let’s Perform Salah (How to Perform Salah – Step by step)

  291. Letters of the Prophet (sal-lal-lahu-alaihi-wa-sallam)

  292. Life and Teachings of Prophet Muhammad by Farida Khanam

  293. Life of Prophet Muhammad by Muhammad Husayn Haykal

  294. Life of Prophet Muhammad: Highlights and Lessons

  295. Life of the Prophet by Leila Azzam & Aisha

  296. Life of the Prophet by Sarwat Saulat

  297. Like a Garment

  298. Living Islam with a Purpose

  299. Love and Marriage: Garments of Love and Mercy (Added on 30 Dec 15)

  300. Love and Sex in Muslim Societies

  301. Love Notes: The Master Reference (Added on 30 Dec 15)

  302. Love: Fiqh of Love (Added on 30 Dec 15)

  303. Madinah City Guide

  304. Madinah Arabic Reader, ANSWERS 1

  305. Madinah Arabic Reader, ANSWERS 2

  306. Madinah Arabic Reader, ANSWERS 3

  307. Madinah Arabic Reader, KEY 1

  308. Madinah Arabic Reader, KEY 2

  309. Madinah Arabic Reader, KEY 3

  310. Madinah Arabic Reader, Part 1 (Main Course Book)

  311. Madinah Arabic Reader, Part 2 (Main Course Book)

  312. Madinah Arabic Reader, Part 3 (Main Course Book)

  313. MAKKAH: Brief History, Geography and Hajj Guide

  314. Makkah City Guide

  315. Mahdi: Is the Mahdi Real?

  316. Malcolm X  – Autobiography

  317. Mankind’s Debt to Prophet Muhammad by Sheik Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi   

  318. Major Sins   

  319. Malek Bennabi: The Socio Intellectual Foundations of Malek Bennabi’s Approach to Civilization

  320. Man Between the Two Laws

  321. Maqasid al Shariah: A Beginner’s Guide

  322. Maqasid Shariah: Imam al Shatibi’s Theory of Higher Objectives & Intents of Islamic Law

  323. Maqasid Shariah As Philosophy of Islamic Law

  324. Marital Discord: Recapturing Human Dignity Through the Higher Objectives of Islamic Law Add on 1.4.16

  325. Mastering Madinah Arabic Books

  326. Men Around the Prophet

  327. Mercy for the worlds by Sheik Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi

  328. Mercy, the Stamp of Creation

  329. Minorities: Towards a Fiqh for Minorities: Some Basic Reflections

  330. Miracles of the Prophet by Ibn Kathir

  331. Muhammad – A Prophet for all Humanity by Wahiduddin Khan   

  332. Muhammad, the Greatest   Add on 4.4.16

  333. Muhammad – The Ideal Character

  334. Muhammad – the Messenger of God by Abdur Rahman Al Sheha

  335. Muhammad (Sal-lal-lahu-alaihi-wa-sallam) His life based on earliest sources by Martin Lings

  336. Muhammad as if you can see him

  337. Muhammad in Hindu Scriptures

  338. Muhammad in the Bible

  339. Muhammad in the Bible by Dr. Jamal Badawi

  340. Muhammad, the Benefactor of humanity by Naeem Siddiqui

  341. Muhammad, the Ideal Prophet by Sayyid Sulaiman Nadwi

  342. Muhammad, the Greatest Added on 7.1.2016

  343. Musnad Ahmad, Vol 1 – Hadeeth 1 to 1380 – Added on 3.1.2016

  344. Musnad Ahmad, Vol 2 – Hadeeth 1381 to 2822 – Added on 3.1.201

  345. Musnad Ahmad, Vol 3 – Hadeeth 2823 to 4376 – Added on 3.1.2016

  346. Muqaddimah Sahih Muslim, Introduction

  347. Muslim-Christian Dialogue (1)

  348. Muslim-Christian Dialogue (2)

  349. Muslim Contributions that Changed the World, Poster 1

  350. Muslim Contributions That Changed the World, Poster 2

  351. My Prayer: A Step by Step Instructional Guide How to Pray

  352. New Muslims Challenges

  353. Notes on Science of Hadith

  354. Names of Allah Series

  355. Nukbat al Fikr (Classical work on Usool al hadith)

  356. Nukhbatul Fikr: The Top of Thinking in the Classification of Hadith

  357. Nurturing Eeman in Children 

  358. O My Son: The Advice of LUQMAN

  359. Our Obligations to Allah


  361. People of the Ditch

  362. Perfect Guide to the Sciences of the Qur’an by Imam Suyuti

  363. Pillars in the Cultivation of Children

  364. Pocket Dawah Manual

  365. Pocket Guide: Prophet Muhammad

  366. Polygamy and Prophet Muhammad

  367. Practical Methods to Understand the Qur’an

  368. Preservation of the Qur’an

  369. Prophet as a Teacher

  370. Prophet Muhammad – A Simple Guide to His Life

  371. Prophet Muhammad presents his brother Jesus to mankind, and other essays

  372. Prophet Muhammad, A to Z, by Yusuf Estes

  373. Prophet Muhammad: A Mercy for Mankind by IIPH

  374. Prophet’s Methods of Correcting People’s Mistakes

  375. Provisions for Hajj Journey – A collection of Masnoon Du’aas

  376. Prophetic Code, The – Added on 12.11.2019

  377. Psychology from the Islamic Perspective (Added on 30 Dec 15)

  378. Purdah and the Status of Women in Islam  Added on 2.1.2016

  379. Purification of the Soul

  380. Qaa’idah for Arabic Learners/Qur’an for Beginners

  381. Qur’an – The Stress Buster!

  382. Qur’an and Modern Science

  383. Qur’an and Science: Embryology in the Qur’an: A Linguistic and Scientific Study

  384. Qur’an and Science: Speed of Light

  385. Qur’an Dictionary: A Concise Dictionary of the Qur’an

  386. Qur’an Dictionary: Dictionary of Qur’anic Terms and Concepts

  387. Qur’an Dictionary: Easy Dictionary of the Qur’an by Abdul Karim Parekh

  388. Qur’an Dictionary: Mini

  389. Qur’an Dictionary: Mu’jam Abjadi Lil-aayaat

  390. Qur’an Dictionary: Mu’jam al Mufahras

  391. Qur’an Dictionary: Qamoos alfaaz al Qur’an – Vocabulary of the Qur’an

  392. Qur’an Dictionary: The Dictionary of Qur’anic Usage

  393. Qur’an for Beginners – Colourful

  394. Qur’an Memorisation: Causes that Aid in the Memorization of the Qur’an

  395. Qur’an Memorisation: Golden Rules for Memorizing the Qur’an

  396. Qur’an Memorisation: I Wanna Be a Hafidhaa Too

  397. Qur’an Memorization: A Motivation

  398. Qur’an Memorization: A Power Point Presentation

  399. Qur’an Reading for Beginners: Help Yourself

  400. Qur’an Reading: 8 Easy Steps to Recite the Entire Qur’an

  401. Qur’an Reading: 9 Great Benefits of Reciting & Reflecting

  402. Qur’an Reading: Are We Neglecting the Importance of Tajweed?

  403. Qur’an Reading: For Beginners: Al Qaa’ida An-Nooraaniyyah: WITH links to Audio Files

  404. Qur’an Reading: Manners of Reciting the Qur’an

  405. Qur’an Related Terms

  406. Qur’an Text in MS Word File – Uthmanic Orthography Font

  407. Qur’an Translation by Aisha Bewley

  408. Qur’an Translation by Al Huda (word-to-word)

  409. Qur’an Translation by Basheer Ahmad Mohyidin

  410. Translation of the Qur’an by M A S ABDUL HALEEM

  411. Qur’an Translation by Marmaduke Pickthall

  412. Qur’an Translation by Muhammad Mohar Ali (word-for-word)

  413. Qur’an Translation by Muhsin Khan & Hilali

  414. Qur’an Translation by Taqi Usmani

  415. Qur’an Translation by Wahiduddin Khan

  416. Qur’an Translation Colour- coded Arabic & English

  417. Qur’an Translation: Saheeh International’s

  418. Qur’an, Bible & Science

  419. Qur’an: 7 Reasons to Read the Qur’an

  420. Qur’an’s Accuracy and Adequecy

  421. Qur’an’s Unique Literary Form

  422. Qur’anic Arabic: 12 Tables To Understand/Speak Arabic

  423. Qur’anic Arabic: Essentials of Qur’anic Arabic, Vol 1 by Masood Ranginwala

  424. Qur’anic Arabic: Essentials of Qur’anic Arabic, Vol 2 by Masood Ranginwala

  425. Qur’anic Arabic: Learn the Language of the Qur’an by Dr. Abdullah Abbas Nadwi

  426. Qur’anic Arabic: Learning Arabic Language of the Qur’an by Izzath Uroosa

  427. Qur’anic Arabic: Lisaan ul Qur’an 3 Volume Set with Keys

  428. Qur’anic Chapters/Suwar: Chronological Order of Surahs

  429. Qur’anic Chapters: A Creative Way to learn the names/order of the Surahs

  430. Qur’anic Reading: At-Tibyaan: Easy Way to Qur’anic Reading

  431. Qur’anic Vocabulary: Learn 80% of the Qur’anic Words (updated on 18 Sept 2016)

  432. Qur’anic Vocabulary: Qur’anic Verbs

  433. Qur’anic Vocabulary: Seventeen Types of Arabic Verbs

  434. Qur’anic Vocabulary: The Verbal Idioms of the Qur’an

  435. Quranic Healing: Ruqyah

  436. Quranic Vocabulary: Al Mufradaat fi ghareebil Qur’an

  437. Raheeq al Makthoom – The Sealed Nectar   

  438. Raising Children in Islam   Add on 4.4.16

  439. Ramadhaan Fasting: Spiritual & Health Benefits

  440. Ramadhaan with Joy

  441. Ramadhaan: A Booklet on Ramadhaan

  442. Ramadhaan: A Day and A Night in Ramadhaan

  443. Ramadhaan: A Journey with the beloved Prophet sal-lal-laahu-alaihi-wa-sallam

  444. Ramadhaan: A Subject of History

  445. Ramadhaan: All About Itikaaf

  446. Ramadhaan: Esentials of Ramadhaan

  447. Ramadhaan: Laylatul Qadr: Living the Golden Moments

  448. Ramadhaan: Making the Most of Ramadhaan

  449. Ramadhaan: Rulings and Virtues of Fasting in Ramadhaan

  450. Ramadhaan: Some Common Mistakes in Ramadhaan

  451. Ramadhaan: The Nature of Fasting

  452. Ramadhaan: The Night Prayer in Ramadhaan (Taraweeh/Qiyamal Layl)

  453. Ramadhaan: The Prophet in Ramadhaan

  454. Ramadhaan: Your Day in Ramadhan

  455. Real Life Lessons from the Holy Qur’an

  456. Reaping the Blessings of Shabaan with the Qur’an

  457. Reflections on Hasbunallahu Wa Ni’mal Wakeel, Ni’mal Maula Wa Ni’man Naseer

  458. Relief from Distress: An Explanation to the Du’aa of Yunus alaihis salam

  459. Reminders for the People of Understanding

  460. Revitalizing Higher Education in the Muslim World

  461. Rizq and Lawful Earnings

  462. Road to Good Friendship

  463. Road to Makkah

  464. Roots of Islam in America

  465. Ruqyah in Arabic

  466. Sahih al Bukhari, Volume 1 Hadeeth 001-875

  467. Sahih al Bukhari, Volume 2 Hadeeth 876-1772

  468. Sahih al Bukhari, Volume 3 Hadeeth 1773-2737

  469. Sahih al Bukhari, Volume 4 Hadeeth 2738-3648

  470. Sahih al Bukhari, Volume 5 Hadeeth 3649-4473

  471. Sahih al Bukhari, Volume 6 Hadeeth 4474-5062

  472. Sahih al Bukhari, Volume 7 Hadeeth 5063-5969

  473. Sahih al Bukhari, Volume 8 Hadeeth 5970-6860

  474. Sahih al Bukhari, Volume 9 Hadeeth 6861-7563

  475. Sahih Muslim, Introduction, Muqaddimah

  476. Sahih Muslim, Volume 1 Ahadeeth-0001-1160

  477. Sahih Muslim, Volume 2 Ahadeeth 1161-2262

  478. Sahih Muslim, Volume 3 Ahadeeth 2263-3397

  479. Sahih Muslim, Volume 4 Ahadeeth 3398-4518

  480. Sahih Muslim, Volume 5 Ahadeeth 4519-5645

  481. Sahih Muslim, Volume 6 Ahadeeth 5646-6722

  482. Sahih Muslim, Volume 7 Ahadeeth 6723-7563

  483. Sailing Through the Storm

  484. Sajdah Shukr

  485. Sajdah Shukr: Du’aas

  486. Sajdah’s Amazing Facts & Significance

  487. Salah al Deen al Ayyubi, Volume 1

  488. Salah al Deen al Ayyubi, Volume 2

  489. Salah al Deen al Ayyubi, Volume 3

  490. Salah: Azkaar After Obligatory Salah

  491. Salah: Daily Recitations: Word-to-word

  492. Salah: Make Your Salah Meaningful

  493. Salah: Qur’an Course Book

  494. Salah: What To Say after Salah

  495. Salah: What to say during Sajdah and While Going to Masjid

  496. Salatul Istikhaarah

  497. Salman, the Persian

  498. Saviours of Islamic Spirit, Vol 1

  499. Saviours of Islamic Spirit, Vol 2

  500. Saviours of Islamic Spirit, Vol 3

  501. Saviours of Islamic Spirit, Vol 4

  502. Sayings of the Prophet (Sal-lal-lahu-alaihi-wa-sallam)

  503. Science and Qur’an: Scientific Truths in the Qur’an

  504. Science and Qur’an: Spectacular Evidence of the Greatness of Almighty Allah

  505. Sciences of the Qur’an (Ulum al Qur’an)

  506. Scientific Truths in the Qur’an

  507. Seeking Forgiveness: Manners of Seeking Forgiveness

  508. Seeking Forgiveness: Sayyidul Istighfaar

  509. Seerah as a Movement

  510. Seerat-un-Nabi by Ibn Hisham

  511. Selected ahadeeth from Saheeh al Jaami

  512. Selected Friday Sermons (by the Prophet, his noble companions and other great Muslim leaders)

  513. Selections from the Glorious Qur’an with Lexical and Grammatical Notes 

  514. Self Development by Khurram Murad       

  515. Sending Salawaat and Salaam on our blessed Prophet صلّى الله عليه وسلّم

  516. Sleep Thinking

  517. Smoking: An Islamic Perspective

  518. Social System of Islam

  519. Stories of the Prophets

  520. Stories of the Qur’an

  521. Story of the Boy and the King    

  522. Struggling to Surrender by Jeffery Lang

  523. Studies in Hadith Methodology and Literature 

  524. Studying the Glorious Qur’an

  525. Summarized Islamic Fiqh

  526. Sunan Abu Dawuud, Vol 1 Ahadeeth 1-1160

  527. Sunan Abu Dawuud, Vol 2 Ahadeeth 1161-2174

  528. Sunan Abu Dawuud, Vol 3 Ahadeeth 2175-3241

  529. Sunan Abu Dawuud, Vol 4 Ahadeeth 3242-4350

  530. Sunan Abu Dawuud, Vol 5 Ahadeeth 4351-5274

  531. Sunan an-Nasa’i, Volume 1

  532. Sunan an-Nasa’i, Volume 2

  533. Sunan an-Nasa’i, Volume 3

  534. Sunan an-Nasa’i, Volume 4

  535. Sunan an-Nasa’i, Volume 5

  536. Sunan an-Nasa’i, Volume 6

  537. Sunan Ibn Majah, Volume 1

  538. Sunan Ibn Majah, Volume 2

  539. Sunan Ibn Majah, Volume 3

  540. Sunan Ibn Majah, Volume 4

  541. Sunan Ibn Majah, Volume 5

  542. Sunnah – The Source of Civilization

  543. Surah al Hujuraat with Lexical and Grammatical Notes 

  544.  Surah al Kahf and a Treasure for Life! Added on 12.11.2019

  545. Syed Ahmad Shaheed: Life Sketch of Syed Ahmad Shaheed

  546. System of Government Under the Prophet  

  547. Tafseer: A Thematic Commentary on the Qur’an

  548. Tafseer: As-Sa’di Volume 1_Juz 1 to 3

  549. Volume 2_Juz 4 to 6

  550. Volume 3_Juz 7 to 9

  551. Volume 4_Juz 10 to 12

  552. Volume 5_Juz 13 to 15

  553. Volume 6_Juz 16 to 18

  554. Volume 7_Juz 19 to 21

  555. Volume 8_Juz 22 to 24

  556. Volume 9_Juz 25 to 27

  557. Tafseer As-Sa’di: Volume 10_Juz 28 to 30

  558. Tafseer Ibn Abbas

  559. Tafseer of Surah al Buruuj

  560. Tafseer of Surah Al Fatihah (SIX different commentaries)

  561. Tafseer of Surah al Fatihah, The Spiritual Cure

  562. Tafseer of Surah al Kahf

  563. Tafseer of Surah At-Tawbah

  564. Tafseer of Surah Maryam

  565. Tafseer of Surah Tawbah by 5 commentators

  566. Tafseer of the THREE QULs, the last 3 Surahs of the Qur’an

  567. Tafseer: Benefits from the Story of Prophet Yoosuf

  568. Tafseer: Book of Tafseer, Sahih Muslim

  569. Tafseer: by Amin Ahsan Islahi, An Introduction to Tadabburul Qur’an

  570. Tafseer: by Amin Ahsan Islahi, Volume 6

  571. Tafseer: by Amin Ahsan Islahi, Volume 7

  572. Tafseer: by Amin Ahsan Islahi, Volume 8

  573. Tafseer: by Amin Ahsan Islahi, Volume 9

  574. Tafseer: by Ibn Kathir, Abridged Edition (10 Volumes)

  575. Tafseer: by Ibn Kathir, Juz ‘Amm

  576. Tafseer: by Ibn Kathir, Surah al Kahf

  577. Tafseer: by Ibn Kathir, Surah Al Qadr

  578. Tafseer: by Jalalyn

  579. Tafseer: by Mufti Muhammad Shafi, Surah Locator

  580. Tafseer: By Mufti Muhammad Shafi, Vol 1 – Surah al Fatihah and Surah al Baqarah

  581. Tafseer: by Mufti Muhammad Shafi, Vol 2 – Surah Aali Imran and Surah An-Nisaa

  582. Tafseer: by Mufti Muhammad Shafi, Vol 3 – Surah Al Maa’idah to Al A’raaf

  583. Tafseer: by Mufti Muhammad Shafi, Vol 4 – Surah Al A’raaf to Surah Huud

  584. Tafseer: by Mufti Muhammad Shafi, Vol 5 – Surah Yusuf to Surah al Kahf

  585. Tafseer: by Mufti Muhammad Shafi, Vol 6 – Surah Maryam to Surah Room

  586. Tafseer: by Mufti Muhammad Shafi, Vol 7 – Surah Luqmaan to Surah al Ahqaaf

  587. Tafseer: by Mufti Muhammad Shafi, Vol 8 – Surah Muhammad to Surah An-Naas

  588. Tafseer: by Sayyid Qutb – In the Shade of the Qur’an

  589. Tafseer: Ibn Taymiyyah’s Principles of Tafseer with Explanation by Shaykh Salih al Uthaymeen

  590. Tafseer: In the Shade of the Qur’an: Juz ‘Amm

  591. Tafseer: Juz by Juz Summary of all 30 Parts

  592. Tafseer: Selections from Amin Ahsan Islahi’s Tadabburul Qur’an

  593. Tafseer: The Last Tenth of the Qur’an with Download Links to 32 languages

  594. Tafseer: The Prophetic Commentary of the Qur’an

  595. Tafseer: Thematic Tafseer: Heavenly Hues, Master Notes

  596. Tafseer: Usool at-Tafseer, Principles of Tafseer by Dr.Bilal Philips) 

  597. Tajweed: An Introduction to Tajweed: Al Qaa’idah Al Qur’aaniyyah

  598. Tajweed Rules of the Qur’an, Part 1

  599. Tajweed Rules of the Qur’an, Part 2 Add on 31.3.16     

  600. Tajweed Rules of the Qur’an, Part 3  Added on 31.3.16

  601. Taqwiyatul Imaan – Strengthening one’s Faith by Shah Ismail Shaheed

  602. Tawheed-ul-Asmaa-was-Sifaat: Tawheed of Allah’s Most Beautiful Names and Attributes added on 18th sept 2016

  603. Tawhid: Its Implication for Thought and Life

  604. Tawheed for Children

  605. Tayseerul Qur’an: An Easy Qaa’idah for the Beginners

  606. Teaching Techniques of Prophet Muhammad sal-lal-laahu-alaihi-wa-sallam

  607. Tearful Moments of the Prophet’s Life

  608. Ten Facts About the Qur’an

  609. Ten Points of Enlightenment on What Prophet Muhammad Gave to Humanity

  610. The 100: Most Influential – An Extract of the Book ‘The 100’ by Michael H Hart

  611. The 200 Ahadith

  612. The Amazing Qur’an

  613. The Battle of Al Qadisiyyah

  614. The Battles of the Prophet by Ibn Kathir

  615. The Beautiful Names of Allah

  616. The Best of All Husbands

  617. The Book of Fasting – Kitab al Sawm – An Extract from Sahih Muslim  

  618. The Book of Knowledge by Imam Nasa’ee with notes by Nasiruddin Albani

  619. The Book of Manners

  620. The Book of Nikkah Add on 28.3.16

  621. The calamity of the Prophet’s death and its effect on the Muslim Nation

  622. The Clash of Civilizations: A Muslim Response

  623. The Concise Legacy Added on 18.9.2016

  624. The Days of Prophet Muhammad with His Wives   

  625. The Dreamer’s Handbook On Dreams and Interpretations

  626. The Economic Problem of Man and Its Islamic Solution Add on 4.4.16

  627. The Education, Taleemat Add on 4.4.16    

  628. The END of the World: Major and Minor Signs of the Hour

  629. The Essence of Islamic Civilization

  630. The Essential Pearls and Gems of Ibn Taymiyyah

  631. The Farewell Advice

  632. The First Written Constitution of the World by Dr. M Hamidullah

  633. The Geological Concept of Mountains in the Qur’an

  634. The Global Messenger

  635. The Goodly Word – KALIMAH TAYYIBAH

  636. The Goodly Word by Shaikh-ul-Islam Ibn Taymiyayah

  637. The Guidance of Muhammad

  638. The Lamp Of The House Burnt The House

  639. The Lies About Muhammad

  640. The Life of Abdullah ibn Mubarak

  641. The Life of Prophet Muhammad by Abdul Waheed Khan

  642. The Light Within Islam – Islam for Non-Muslims

  643. The Man in Red Underpants (Added on 30 Dec 15)

  644. The Meaning of our Testimony in “Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah”

  645. The Message of the Messengers

  646. The Message of the Seerah

  647. The Night Prayer in Ramadhaan (Taraweeh/Qiyamal Layl)

  648. The Objective & Goal of Muhammad’s Prophethood by Dr. Israr Ahmed

  649. The Obligations Muslims Owe to the Qur’an

  650. The Position of Women in Islam

  651. The Prophetic Code

  652. The Prophet of Islam by Dr. Muhammad Hamidullah

  653. The Prophet of Mercy 

  654. The Prophet’s Establishing a State and His Succession by Dr. M Hamidullaah   

  655. The Prophet’s Smile – Study Package   

  656. The Qadiani Problem /Ahmadiyah Non-Muslims 

  657. The Qur’an and Orientalists by Muhammad Mohar Ali

  658. The Qur’an and World Peace

  659. The Qur’an for all Humanity

  660. The Qur’an

  661. The Road To Madinah

  662. The Revelations of the Qur’an

  663. The Status of Sunnah in Islam by Nasiruddin Albani

  664. The Story of Prophet Yusuf: Plot, Themes & Characters

  665. The Sunnah and Its Role in Legislation

  666. The Tree of Faith

  667. The True Secret by Amira Ayad

  668. The Unchallengeable Miracles of the Qur’an

  669. The Way to Salvation in the LIGHT OF SURAH AL ASR

  670. This Smiling Beloved Prophet

  671. Three Ways of Seeking Forgiveness

  672. Thulaathiyyaat From Musnad Imam Ahmed Bin Hanbal

  673. Time Management

  674. Tips on Productivity & Personality Development

  675. Tolerance in the Prophet’s Deeds at Madinah Dr. M. Hamidullah

  676. TOLERANCE in Islam_Arabic by UAE Awqaf

  677. TOLERANCE in Islam_English by UAE Awqaf

  678. Toward Islamization of Disciplines

  679. Towards Understanding Islam

  680. Towards Understanding the Qur’an – Vol 1 Added on 2.1.2016

  681. Towards Understanding the Qur’an – Vol 2 Added on 2.1.2016

  682. Towards Understanding the Qur’an – Vol 3 Added on 2.1.2016

  683. Treasures of Arabic Morphology

  684. Triple TALAQ in the Light of Qur’an and Sunnah Added on 10.3.2016

  685. Ulum al Qur’an: An Introduction to the Sciences of the Qur’an

  686. Umar ibn Abdul al Aziz

  687. Umrah Guide

  688. Umrah Guide

  689. Umrah: Rulings and Prohibitions

  690. Umrah: Rulings and Prohibitions Regarding Umrah

  691. Universal Mercy of Prophet Muhammad’s Mission

  692. Usool al hadith

  693. Usool al Hadith by Dr. Bilal Philips

  694. Verse of the Day Collection

  695. Virtues and merits of the Prophet and his companions – A collection from Sahih al Bukhari

  696. Virtues of some Surahs of the Qur’an as graded by Sheikh Nasiruddin albani

  697. Virtues of the First Ten Days of Dhul Hijjah

  698. Virtues of the Qur’an

  699. Way To The Qur’an

  700. Ways for Gaining Rewards

  701. Welcome to Islam

  702. What Every Muslim MUST Know About Purification

  703. What the Prophet particularly Read or Emphasised

  704. When the Moon Split

  705. Where is Allah? (Added on 30 Dec 15)

  706. Who Deserves To Be Worshipped?

  707. Why Islam: Proofs of Modern Science

  708. Who is Allah? (Added on 30 Dec 15)

  709. Who is Muhammad by Khurram Murad

  710. Who Wrote the Qur’an? An Extract from ‘History of Qur’anic Text’ Added on 7.1.12016

  711. Why Do Muslims Fast?   

  712. Why Fast? by Dr. M Hamidullaah Add on 4.4.16

  713. Why is the Qur’an a Miracle?

  714. Why Islam? Proofs from Modern Science     

  715. Women and Islam  Add on 4.4.16

  716. Women’s Rights: Historical Perspective

  717. Women: Rethinking Muslim Women and the Veil: Challenging Historical and Modern Stereotypes

  718. Women in Islam Add on 14 july ’17

  719. Women around the Messenger: The Prophet’s Family

  720. Women: Status of Woman in Islam

  721. Word for Word by Muhammad Mohar Ali: 01-03 Surah al Fatiha to Surah Aal Imran

  722. Word for Word by Muhammad Mohar Ali: 04-07 Surah al Nisa to Surah al A’raaf

  723. Word for Word by Muhammad Mohar Ali: 08-11 Surah al Anfaal to Surah Huud

  724. Word for Word by Muhammad Mohar Ali: 12-18 Surah Yusuf to Surah al Kahf

  725. Word for Word by Muhammad Mohar Ali: 19-26 Surah Maryam to Surah Ash Shuaraa

  726. Word for Word by Muhammad Mohar Ali: 27-35 Surah al Naml to Surah al Faathir

  727. Word for Word by Muhammad Mohar Ali: 36-55 Surah Yaseen to Surah Ar Rahmaan

  728. Word for Word by Muhammad Mohar Ali: 56-77 Surah al Waqiah to Surah al Mursalaat

  729. Word for Word by Muhammad Mohar Ali: 78-114 Surah an Naba to Surah an Naas

  730. Word to Word: Dr. Shehnaz and Kausar, Juz 01 – 05

  731. Word to Word: Dr. Shehnaz and Kausar, Juz 06 – 10

  732. Word to Word: Dr. Shehnaz and Kausar, Juz 11 – 15

  733. Word to Word: Dr. Shehnaz and Kausar, Juz 16 – 20

  734. Word to Word: Dr. Shehnaz and Kausar, Juz 21 – 25

  735. Word to Word: Dr. Shehnaz and Kausar, Juz 26 – 30

  736. Word to Word: Dr. Shehnaz and Kausar, Juz 30

  737. Word to Word: Dr. Shehnaz and Kausar, Surah al Kahf

  738. Word to Word: Dr. Shehnaz and Kausar, Surah Yaseen

  739. World Water Day: An Islamic Perspective

  740. You ask and the Qur’an Answers

  741. You Can Be the Happiest Woman in the World

  742. Your Lord has Not Forsaken You: Addressing the Impact of Trauma on Faith

  743. Your Child Development Guide: Questions & Answers

  744. Your Gateway to a New World

  745. Your Tajweed Made Easy

  746. Zaad al Ma’ad (Provisions of the Hereafter) by Imam Ibn al Qayyim al Jawziyyah

  747. Zakah and Sadaqah: Significance of Sadaqah and Zakah  

  748. Zakah Guide

  749. Zakah: A Handbook of Question & Answers

  750. Zakat al-Fitr Explained

  751. Zikr: Rewards for Zikr Chart

  752. Ziyarah: Etiquettes while visiting the Prophet’s  Grave

Sal-lal-laahu Ala Muhammad, Sal-lal-laahu-alaihi-wa-Sallam.



  1. May Allah accept all your good deeds and forgive your sins.
    Great Effort Jazaka Allahu Khayran

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        Dear Dr. Noor, thanks for your comment and info.
        InshaaAllah will check out your website

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    I was searching for a very good website for Tajweed and here i just found in the side links of your blog, its greatt. Really liked it. i can inshaALLAH now resfresh my tajweed.
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    May ALLAH accept your keen intentions, and kind struggle. ALLAHUMMA ameen.

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    • Aameen. Barakallahu Feek.

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  6. Salam,
    I think it would be great if you could provide a brief sinopsis for these books. It would certainly make the choice of choosing which eBook to download much easier for us readers:D
    Anyways, may Allah bless your efforts in making such wonderful materials available to all!
    JazakAllah khayr

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    • Wa alaikumus salam.
      Well taken.
      You know the time constraint in maintaining a blog due to which I am not in a position to oblige.
      In fact I am desirous of arranging the books and titles by giving separate headings and segregating them content-wise.
      Even this, I am unable to do.
      When I started the blog, I didn’t realize that the list of e-books will take this huge shape.
      Anyway, thank you and may Allah accept your du’aa and bless you as well.

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  7. Salam alaikum..May Allah bless you and give you biggest reward for what you have provided us. Those books are really mean to me.. May you and your family blessed of huge happiness, and peace be upon you and your family :).. Jazakallah Khair..

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    • Thank you for your du’aa. Jazakallah khayr. I am not sure of such a book. Try buying hard copy if it is available. Vassalam.

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    Jazakallah Kheir Brother

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      May Allah reward you immensely both in this world and in the Hereafter.
      Baarakallaahu feekum

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  13. Assalamuailykum,
    The resource on this website are really immense, Jazakallah khair for all your effort.
    May you and anyone involved in this great work are rewarded to the most and all your sins be forgiven, by the Lord of Mercy. Ameen.

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    • Wa alaikumus salam WA rahmatullahi WA barajatuhu.
      thank you brother
      aameen to your day
      may Allah bless you and your family.
      Baarakallahu feekum

      Comment by MuQeet | May 2, 2016 | Reply

  14. sir, i want to know about the four Imam, please suggest some books or whatever you want to share with me. i have asked so many scholars about the above issue but didnt get the appropriate books.

    Comment by Dr MOHD SHAHID | June 29, 2016 | Reply

    • If you have time, after Ramadhaan inshaaAllah, please listen to the explanation on FOUR GREAT IMAMS from this link.
      This has many audio links which are very useful to understand the concept of Imaams and their role and contribution along with their biographical sketch.
      Baarakallaahu Feekum.
      I will also sometime later refer to some books, InshaaAllah.
      Baarakallaahu Feekum.

      Comment by MuQeet | June 29, 2016 | Reply

      • jazakallah, for this link inshallah ill listen after ramzan. But as I said I want to read so please refer the same. Once again thanks.

        Comment by Dr MOHD SHAHID | July 1, 2016 | Reply

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  18. May allah bless you for uploading all this content, please NEVER DELETE THIS WEBSITE. this website is beautiful may allah forgives all of our sin.

    Brother can you please upload book Hannifi school of thought, and im currently trying to understand this.


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    • Haza Min Fadhli Rabbee.

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