An effort in f a c i l i t a t i o n

The Dictionary of Qur’anic Usage

I have been using this Dictionary since many months, and it is very useful, alhamdulillah.

The content page was surprisingly not there in the original file I downloaded some years back. So I took the liberty to add the content page to help myself and for those wanting to use this dictionary for personal reference. If, however, any objection is raised from the parties concerned, and if it is brought to my knowledge, then I will remove this added page or even delete the file itself, Inshaa’Allah. 

Page numbers are as per the pdf file. That is, the page number that is displayed when the file is open. I have mentioned those page numbers in the content column, not the page numbers given in the book! 

With the help of the short-cut key, you can go to the desired page, Inshaa’Allah. Or simply type the desired page number in the relevant box and then press enter 🙂

This dictionary is being presented here for the sake for education and personal learning. No person, therefore, is allowed to use this dictionary for any commercial activity.

Download the ‘Dictionary of Qur’anic Usage’, Inshaa’Allah

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