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At-Tibyan: Easy Way to Qur’anic Reading (PDF with AUDIO)

An excellent and innovative brain child of the pioneering author, Dr. V Abdur Rahim, At-Tibyan is very useful to those who want to learn the art of reading Qur’anic Arabic through some basic English speech sounds.

This book takes me down the memory lane when I was personally involved in the making of the CD version of this book even I edited the brochure and advertisement material.

The late Khateeb, Mufti and Qaari Janab Muhammad Qasim Bhopali (May Allah forgive him and grant him the highest place in Jannah) had taken keen interest in the recording of this book’s CD.

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Qur’an Learning through Voice Guidance

A very useful programme by the King Fahd Glorious Qur’an Printing Complex, Saudi Arabia.

This programme is very effective and efficient for learning the Recitation of the glorious Qur’an, Mashaa’Allah.

The programme is meticulously done with learner-friendly features such as:  Continue reading

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Tajweed Website

Today I found this Tajweed website very useful for teaching-learning the Art of Qur’anic Recitation.  Continue reading

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An Excellent Qur’an Learning Interface!

Mashaa’Allah, an excellent Qur’an Learning Interface from the Govt of Qatar.

This software helps in teaching-learning the art of Qur’anic Recitation in a very easy and convenient way – and through superbly with Tajweed! With superb page turning realistic experience, fabulous pronunciation and excellent audio quality, this interface is a boon to the beginners and even to those who want to fine-tune their pronunciation, Inshaa’Allah. Continue reading

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Qur’an Tracker for an aspiring haafidh :)

Qur’anTracker is a Qur’an memorisation (hifdh) and revision software designed to help you make better progress in memorising the Quran. It has various features to help you manage memorising new portions of the Quran as well as revising what you have learned.  Continue reading

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