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Of Wahid and Ahad

Of the Beautiful Names and Attributes of Allah are al Wāhid and al Ahad, both having the same meaning and yet they are distinctly distinguishable. Subhanallah! 

Sharing here two beautiful explanations that will make us understand the difference between Wahid and Ahad, InshaaAllah. Continue reading

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Weeping for Allah

In the post on Fearing the Merciful, long back though, we tried to understand an important reason why we need to fear the One Who is Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Weeping is human. People weep for different reasons. On various occasions. In different situations.

Do we weep for Allah?

When was the last time you wept thinking of Allah’s grandeur, recalling your sins?

Weeping for the fear of Allah is a sign of a living heart.  Continue reading

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Maintaining Unity and Sincerity in Faith

By Sayyid Qutb

In the name of God, the Lord of Grace, the Ever Merciful
This book is bestowed from on high by God, the Almighty, the Wise. It is We who have bestowed on you this revelation from on high, stating the truth. Therefore, worship God alone, sincere in your faith in Him. True devotion is due to God alone. Those who take others besides Him as their protectors say: ‘We worship them for no reason other than that they would bring us nearer to God.’ God will judge between them concerning all matters on which they differ. God will not grace with guidance anyone who is bent on lying [to himself and is] stubbornly ingrate! (Quran 39: 1-3)

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