An effort in f a c i l i t a t i o n

Subject of History

This article by the great Mujahid-scholar, late Dr. Ismail al Faruqi, discusses the purpose of a Muslim’s fast in a unique style. I wish to share this with you all. Read on…

Sawm should not be misunderstood as an act of self-denial, and an act of asceticism and, therefore, a renunciation of the world and of life, as an act of self-mortification. This life and this world are God’s creation, and are, therefore, good. He established them as people’s destiny enjoined upon him to seek and promote them. His Prophet, Muhammad, defined, the good, the noble, the felicitous person as one whose career adds a real plus to the total value of the universe, who leaves the world a better place than that in which he was born. But, sawm is definitely an abstinence from food, drink and physical intimacy. What then is its meaning?  Continue reading

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