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Aspects of the First Revelation

A brilliant analysis of the first five verses of Surah Al Alaq which I found worthy of sharing.

Prof. U Muhammad Iqbal discusses the question why Allah selected the five verses – 96:1-5 – as the first installment of revelation, and highlights its historical, scientific, educational, doctrinal and spiritual aspects. Read on, InshaaAllah…. Continue reading

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Pen, Ink and Revelation: An inspiring story of Zayd ibn Thabit رضي الله عنه

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

The month of Muharram in the second year of Hijrah found the city of Madinah full of activity, as the young community of believers was preparing to defend itself. It so happened that the Quraysh of Makkah were convinced that they had to put an end to the Prophet, upon him be peace, and his mission. And so the Makkans dispatched a large and a well-equipped army toward Badr, just southwest of Madinah, to accomplish this task.

Meanwhile, the Prophet spoke before the believers prior to their march toward Badr. But while he was speaking, there was a disturbance in the file of those listening. A youth barely in his teens was elbowing his way through the ranks to reach the Messenger of Allah. Confident and alert, the boy held a sword as long as he was tall, perhaps longer.  Continue reading

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