An effort in f a c i l i t a t i o n

Fireworks all the way!

The story of this noble man is stunningly spectacular. Strikingly impressive. Marvelously captivating. Miraculously amazing. And beautifully inspiring!

Born in the midst of a sea of statues and idols, he grew up to shatter every ill-conceived idea his family and fellow citizens had formed about the Lord of the worlds.

He used every possible way to convince his people, starting with his father, that there can be human dignity only when you submit and surrender to the One True Lord Who is the Creator and the only Care-Taker of all.  Continue reading

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‘Word of Allah is Supreme’

While arguing with people, among friends or colleagues, man always wants to prove his own point and keep his opinion high: “My speech is the best”, ‘My viewpoint is correct’, ‘I have got good command over language’, ‘I am superior, so my word must be supreme!’

But when it comes to the choice and living an Islamic life, for a Muslim the Word of Allah is supreme. It is not because he is a Muslim and out of ‘that’ affinity he ‘wants’ the word of Allah to be supreme but because the Word of Allah by itself is so deserving to be supreme, and by all means it is rightly so!  Continue reading

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When Truth crushes falsehood…!

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem.

Today I would like to discuss verse number 18 of Surah al Anbiyaa. An extremely beautiful and a lovely verse! Mashaaallah!

This verse speaks about the nature of Truth and Falsehood in such a candid and lucid way that one falls in love with it.

Every sensible human being will accept the fact that the Lord Almighty is the Ultimate Truth.  Continue reading

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