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Qur’an and our Fast-food Approach!

The situation of the global Muslim community is no better than fast-food companies!

They specialize in food that is prepared and served quickly.

We specialize in Qur’an Reading that is faster and finished quickly! Continue reading

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Interview with a Tajweed Blogger

Tajweed is one area of Qur’anic learning which needs patience, perseverance and practice on the part of the learner. Blessed are those who read the Qur’an as it should be read. More blessed are those who have not only mastered the art of Qur’anic recitation but also get themselves involved in teaching and reaching out to the people, sharing their knowledge and expertise.

When she took a dive into the sea of Tajweed, Sr. Fatimah realised that this ‘sea’ is actually an ‘ocean’. Through sheer hard work and determination, she has achieved excellence in Tajweed. In order to share the secrets of her ‘swimming’ skills with others, she took up teaching through blogging.

As a regular visitor to her blog, I find her way of explaining the Tajweed rules to be very interesting. An idea struck my mind to have an interview with such a dedicated Muslimah. I am honoured and also thankful to her for this interview. Continue reading

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