An effort in f a c i l i t a t i o n

Peace First. Peace Last.

بسم الله والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله

What do you think of a Community whose Calendar Year Starts and Ends with a Sacred Month?

What do you understand about a month being Sacred?

You think Muslims are terrorists and their religion promotes terrorism? How misguided!

Today let me hurl or dash the truth against falsehood. And woe to you for what you utter!!  Continue reading

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Meaningful Salah, Part 2

Assalamu Alaikum. This is the continuation of Part 1 from here. At the end of this part, you will find a pdf link to download both the parts. Jazakallahu Khayra.


Introduction to Tashahhud 

  • Tashahhud is the sitting part of the salaah and the supplication recited in it  Continue reading

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