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Word For Word Translation of the Qur’an

By the grace of Allah, I am presenting herewith ‘A Word For Word Translation of the Qur’an’ by Muhammad Mohar Ali. This work is of immense importance and everyone wanting to understand the Qur’an in a better way must possess a copy of this.

The work has been originally published in 3 volumes. This set places one or a couple of words of the ‘ayah in one line of a column and gives their meanings side by side in another column, taking care to see that the flow and intelligibility of the English meanings are not thereby lost.  Continue reading

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Why am I reading the Qur’an?

Dear sisters and brothers, Assalamu Alaikum.

Come Ramadhaan and you find the Mus’haf in the hands of countless Muslims worldwide. It is pertinent here to ask oneself:  ‘Why am I reading the Qur’an?’

Ustaadh Khurram Murad mentions Eight Points for approaching the Qur’an with the purity of intention. Please pause at the end of each point and ask yourself: ‘Why am I reading the Qur’an?’ Continue reading

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