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Eight Solid Reasons How Muslim Ummah is Blessed!

We need to think in a different way as to why the world is not comfortable with Islam, and why Muslims are normally being targeted, insulted and ridiculed.

Jealousy; fear, apprehension and insecure feeling that Islam will become a dominant force in the world – these are some reasons why Islam is being made to hate in the world today.

Muslims being the Blessed Nation, is the principal reason why Islam and Muslims, down the ages, happen to be always at the receiving end.

In this post, as the title says, we will try to find out the reasons as to how Muslim Ummah is the Blessed Nation, a distinction conferred by none other than the Lord of the worlds Himself, Who Alone has the prerogative right to bestow honour and dignity on whomsoever He wills.

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The Eternal Miracle: The Last Ten Days of Ramadhaan

This is a transcript of a Friday Speech delivered by the famous Orator and Qaari Haafidh Ali Abdur Rahman al Huthaifee. He minces no words and speaks to the point!

Sharing this for the benefit of one and all, Inshaa’Allah.

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