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An Excellent Qur’an Learning Interface!

Mashaa’Allah, an excellent Qur’an Learning Interface from the Govt of Qatar.

This software helps in teaching-learning the art of Qur’anic Recitation in a very easy and convenient way – and through superbly with Tajweed! With superb page turning realistic experience, fabulous pronunciation and excellent audio quality, this interface is a boon to the beginners and even to those who want to fine-tune their pronunciation, Inshaa’Allah. Continue reading

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Qur’an Tracker for an aspiring haafidh :)

Qur’anTracker is a Qur’an memorisation (hifdh) and revision software designed to help you make better progress in memorising the Quran. It has various features to help you manage memorising new portions of the Quran as well as revising what you have learned.  Continue reading

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Excellent Qur’an Software

Dear sisters and brothers, Assalamu Alaikum.

I have been using this Zekr Qur’an Software for a long time and I find it very useful. What I like most about this software is the powerful search engine. You can search for any ayah by just typing the key word in Arabic. It is highly recommended to one and all. Scroll Down to find the original link, Insha’Allah. Continue reading

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