An effort in f a c i l i t a t i o n

This is for the men of understanding!

We live in a paradoxically ridden world. Consider these two cases:

1. If you talk about Shariah, you are considered as a terrorist. You loot a country, you are not a terrorist!

You annihilate a whole nation, you are not a terrorist. You talk of Islam and Shariah Law, you are a terrorist!!

Shariah has become a dreaded word today. It is made-to-appear as a dreaded entity.

2. You can carry on attacks on a foreign soil and kill hundreds of civilians. It is okay for you! The world must not question.

If one Palestinian kills a Jew, you will launch rocket attacks on the civilians killing scores of Palestinians and the Muslim world must not question!  A whole illegal “nation” is sitting upon the land of Palestinians after killings thousands of Palestinians and Muslims must not talk about the killings. About invasion. About the expansion. About bulldozing of colonies!!  Continue reading

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