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“The lowest ebb is the turn of the tide”.

بسم الله والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله

When things get worse, it only means that they are gonna be better.

Islamic history is witness to the fact that whenever Muslims touched their lowest ebb, there had always been a turning of the tide.

These are the days of distress for the global Muslim Ummah. The Muslims the world over, especially those in the Americas are passing through their trying and testing times.

Hope and Faith are important at this crucial juncture. If you lose hope, you lose faith. If you lose faith, you lose everything!

Let’s recall and remember that many a time in history, Allah subhanahu wa Ta’aala brought victory to the Muslim Ummah even when the odds were seemingly against them.

In this post, let me recall some colourful snapshots from the album of Islamic history so we cheer up and fill our hearts with hope, inshaaAllah.  Continue reading

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Endurance leads to success!

After a gap of about two months, I am continuing, alhamdulillaah, with the series on Yaaa Ayyuhal Lazeena Aamanu. 

Today’s discussion is on Ayah No. 200 of Surah Aali ‘Imran, the last ayah of this Surah.

This one short ayah is the sum and substance of Islam. It sums up all the obligations laid upon the Muslim Ummah by Shariah. This ayah is quintessential to all Muslims – Muslim individuals, Muslims as a Community and Islamic State.

Allah commands the Believers to adopt the most vital elements of Imaan, Islam and Ihsaan in their life.   Continue reading

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Connect and stay connected!

The next ayah starting with the address Yaaa Ayyuhal Lazeena Aamanu is Ayah No. 153 of Surah al Baqarah.

In this ayah, Allah motivates His Believers to seek His assistance and help through Sabr and Salah. These are the two vital elements necessary for any Muslim to embark on the road to success.  Continue reading

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“Hasbunallahu Wa Ni’mal Wakeel”

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Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu.

Today I would like to discuss on one of the most inspiring and powerful aayaat of the glorious Qur’an: Hasbunallahu Wa Ni’mal Wakeel. Allah is Sufficient for us, and He is the Best Disposer of affairs for us. What an Excellent Guardian and Protector He is! Continue reading

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Things Are Not Always As They Seem

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem.

Things are not always as they seem. Let us analyse this statement from an Islamic perspective.

Noah started making his ark in a desert. His friends made fun of him saying, ‘where is water?’ ‘Are you going to sail the ship in the desert?’ He had to tolerate their taunting remarks. Who won ultimately?

Musa’s mother threw her infant son in the river. Did he die?

Yusuf’s jealous and scheming brothers threw him in a well. Was that the end of Yusuf? Continue reading

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