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Why We Must Not Celebrate New Year?

NOTE: While this post (actually a re-post) discusses the Islamic perspective on celebrating New Year, I mean no offence to my christian friends nor I am trying to lecture on righteousness. This is just an effort in educating my Muslim friends about celebrating New Year. Thank you. 

1st January. Consciously or subconsciously, directly or indirectly, willingly or unwillingly the world is under the influence of the New Year craze.

When I told one of my friends that we should not say Happy New Year and that we Muslims should not celebrate the New Year, I got the retort: Why are you like this?

The start of the Gregorian calendar is based on mythological concepts! I am sure many of our Christian brothers and sisters themselves will not be aware of this fact!  Continue reading

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Be the Privileged Guest at this Banquet!

If someone very close and special to you invites you to a feast, you respond with eagerness.

You hardly miss a party hosted at star hotels wherein you are served with all mouth-watering dishes including kabab, briyani, haleem and all.

People in UAE grab the opportunity should they be invited by local Arabs because Arab dishes are amazing for any food connoisseur!

Do you know that on the Day of Arafah, Almighty Allah, the Lord of the worlds, hosts a Banquet you have never gone before!

A unique banquet wherein only unique and especially special dishes are served!  Continue reading

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