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A Ramadhaan With Muhammadur Rasoolullah

When you love a person you want be like him. This is especially and spectacularly true when it comes to the love of Muslims towards their beloved Prophet sal-lal-laahu-alaihi-wa-sallam. To quote Ustadh (late) Khurram Murad,

“Indeed, never in history has a man influenced mankind, even beyond his death, so deeply and so pervasively as he has. He brings light and peace to countless hearts and lives. They love him more dearly than their own selves. In him they find their greatest source of inspiration and guidance. He is the ultimate norm and the perfect example for them…….”

The upcoming Ramadhaan will bring in its wake yet another opportunity for the Muslims worldwide to relive and demonstrate, once again, their unflinching love and reverence to the greatest man ever. Continue reading

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Ramadhaan Quiz

Take this Quiz to refresh your knowledge, InshaaAllah.

This will also facilitate you in the upcoming Ramadhaan, InshaaAllah. Continue reading

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