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“The Court of Last Resort”

Press Council of India Chairman Markandey Katju on Sunday lashed out at media for “demonising” the entire Muslim community whenever bomb blasts occurred, and declared that he would not allow it to do such “devilish” things, reports India’s leading English daily The Hindu. Not only this, in an excellent article reproduced below, Mr. Katju has analysed the problem of Muslim youth languishing in Indian jails.

He has also announced about the start of an organisation called ‘The Court of Last Resort’.

As the initiative is for a noble purpose, all sections of Indian society must come forward to help and be a part of the solution, Inshaa’Allah. Especially, the Muslims of India, cutting across all organisational/political affiliations, must support this initiative.

We Muslims are enjoined to partake in social and societal work for a righteous cause. And with this intention, this article is reproduced here for the benefit of the readers of this blog:
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“Rahmah” in Surah al Kahf

Last Friday,  I was reading Surah al Kahf as usual. While reading a thought came to my mind about Rahmah – grace, compassion and mercy. As i was proceeding, i got slow in recitation because my mind was wonder struck at the word ‘Rahmah’ being frequently used in this Surah. Then i paused for a while and thought may be this is yet another miracle of this Surah. A thought came to my mind that Rahmah could even be the theme of this Surah. Continue reading

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