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What Islam is Not!

This is one of my very old write-ups.

I was curious, so I did a google search, to find if this is listed.

To my sadness, I found lots of links that present Islam in an abusive language. Allah Kareem!

Today, amid a growingly aggressive and Islamophobic media, there is need to present Islam as it is. 

Thought of re-posting this with some modifications for the benefit of my readers.   Continue reading

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“If you have no shame, do whatever you like”!

We human beings have come through different ages in history: Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age. Historians tell us that these ages are distinguished by the development of technology.

Today technology has reduced women to a mere tool in the hands of men!

It would be appropriate to call the contemporary age, the 21st century, as “the Obscene Age”!

This is an era where nudity is riding the crest of the society.

Today world has reached such a stage in obscenity that if you were to talk about moral aspects, man-of-the-obscene-age will look at you in a curious way as if doubting your very masculinity!  Continue reading

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Terrorism and Islam are poles apart!

There has been some really sad and bad things happening in the world in the past few weeks. The Earthquake first in Iran and then in China. The Boston bombing. And the recent report on the rape of a five-year old in the Indian capital. These happenings cause concern to every sane and sensitive person.

Character assassination of the global Muslim community is also a matter of deep concern.

As Muslims we do join with all civilized human beings in condemning the bombings wherever they happen: Be it Boston or Palestine. Whether perpetrated by individuals or state-sponsored terrorism!  Continue reading

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The world must stop insulting our Prophet!

The way you behave when you grow up tells about your brought up. The language you speak with others reveals your culture. The attitude you carry about fellow citizens speaks about your civilization.

Those who make dirty movies on Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him – the most remembered and the most respected human being on earth – belong to a shameless breed! The likes of them cannot found be even among beasts!  Continue reading

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Freedom of expression or Freedom to Blaspheme?

Note: An excellent write up to share with you all!

FREEDOM of expression must not be confused with freedom from the consequences of expression. Exercising freedom and abusing it are not the same. The latter forfeits the former. Just because we are free to express ourselves, it doesn’t free us from the responsibility for what we express. We are responsible for what we say and do and for the consequences thereof and so must consider carefully what we want to express. This is the basis of what we call civilized socially responsible behavior.  Continue reading

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