An effort in f a c i l i t a t i o n

The Ever Winning Business

Merchandise. Investment and Returns. Buying and Selling. Profit and Loss. Balance Sheet. Asset and Liability. Stocking Taking and Accountability. Audit and Auditor.

These terms go beyond the normal meaning of business, trade or commerce.

Islam is business with Allah. You invest your time, talents, wealth and your own life in His cause, and He gives you in return, an unfailing reward.

This ‘Business’ with Allah brings nothing but profit. Other than this, by Allah! every other endeavor of man is an exercise in futility

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Seven Qualities Allah Loves…..and Loves Not!

Allah loves the following seven qualities. Hence, we should try to enrich our lives with them.  Continue reading

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Me, Myself, My Phone, and to hell with you!

There was a time when we used to call those who talk while being all alone as ‘mad’ or ‘insane’.

Thanks to the advancement in mobile gadgets and technology, we now witness a phenomenal progress in this ‘madness’. Two people sitting at the same table and yet not talking to each other but each busy with his own handset!

I witnessed a family of four in a restaurant. Poor guys might have come out to dine ‘thinking to spend time together’ but the worst thing happened to them was ‘each one was spending time with their respective mobile phones, ultimately none speaking to each other!

Sometimes it is so irritating that you go to meet someone in person, and while you are with him he says ‘excuse me’ and starts talking to someone else over his ‘smartphone’!  Continue reading

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