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Six Miraculous Verses of Surah Ar-Room

Man is a unique creation because of his thinking faculty. We humans possess the power of reasoning. After all this is what that differentiates man from animals.

Some Qur’anic gems are first presented here for open minds and yearning hearts. Then some miraculous aspects of these verses are highlighted to kindle the thought process Inshaaallah.

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This ‘Tomorrow’ shall surely come!

The English idiom “Tomorrow never comes” is frequently taught in classrooms throughout the world.  The logic behind this idiom is this:  When the day that you are now calling “tomorrow” arrives, you will call that day “today” and a different day will be called “tomorrow.” Therefore, the students are told not to resolve to do something tomorrow, since that day will never arrive!

But in the inimitable Qur’an, Allah is promising man about the Tomorrow that is sure to come ! Continue reading

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Same day, Same hospital, Baby is Born, Father is Dead!

Imagine, you are blessed with a child and you are so happy to see the baby. Hold it on to your bosom.  Carry the baby joyfully. Give loads of kisses to the cute baby. Celebrate the moment with your spouse. And imagine its your first child ever!

Imagine, how tragic it would be if you are on the way to see the new born baby and all of a sudden accident happens and you are no more!!  Continue reading

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That Which Takes Happiness Away!

6th November 2011. Eid al Adha. The day was spent happily.

Before going to bed, I was checking my inbox as usual. I found a mail from my friend announcing the death of Janab Kutubuddeen Ahmad Sahib.

Inna lil-laahi wa inna ilaihi raaji’oon. Certainly we are for Allah, and we return back to Allah.

Happiness vanished. You become sad especially when someone so close to you is no more. Continue reading

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