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Tafseer of the Last Tenth of the Qur’an with crucial matters

Tafseer al ‘Ushr al Akheer min al Qur’an al Kareem is a very popular Tafseer book. 

This is a summarized book that contains the most important matters that a Muslim needs in his life: from Qur’an, hadeeth, tafseer, fiqh rulings, beliefs, virtues, etc. This book is in 2 parts:

The first part includes simple translation and brief explanation to the Last Tenth of the Qur’an (that is, the three last parts – Ajza – of the Qur’an) from Zubdat At-Tafseer by Shaykh Muhammad Al-Ashqar.

The second part contains rulings concerning the Muslim, which includes:  Continue reading

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