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Virtues of Tahleel, Tahmeed and Tasbeeh

Presenting an extremely rewarding Zikr incorporating the great Tahleel, Tahmeed and Tasbeeh.  Continue reading

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‘Word of Allah is Supreme’

While arguing with people, among friends or colleagues, man always wants to prove his own point and keep his opinion high: “My speech is the best”, ‘My viewpoint is correct’, ‘I have got good command over language’, ‘I am superior, so my word must be supreme!’

But when it comes to the choice and living an Islamic life, for a Muslim the Word of Allah is supreme. It is not because he is a Muslim and out of ‘that’ affinity he ‘wants’ the word of Allah to be supreme but because the Word of Allah by itself is so deserving to be supreme, and by all means it is rightly so!  Continue reading

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