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‘Word of Allah is Supreme’

While arguing with people, among friends or colleagues, man always wants to prove his own point and keep his opinion high: “My speech is the best”, ‘My viewpoint is correct’, ‘I have got good command over language’, ‘I am superior, so my word must be supreme!’

But when it comes to the choice and living an Islamic life, for a Muslim the Word of Allah is supreme. It is not because he is a Muslim and out of ‘that’ affinity he ‘wants’ the word of Allah to be supreme but because the Word of Allah by itself is so deserving to be supreme, and by all means it is rightly so!  Continue reading

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The relationship between the Book and its Reading!

Dear brothers/sisters, Assalamu Alaikum.

This is not a new post. As this is taken from a long article I wrote some years ago, alhamdulillahThe purpose of this post is to request all my dear readers to go through the points mentioned below, and share your thoughts about it or supplement it with other related points. 

Your participation, Inshaa’Allah, will help in the process of understanding and presenting things in a better way. I want to write more on this topic. Thought of doing it differently, and so I expect new ideas from YOU. Jazakallahu Khayra. Vassalam. 

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