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Ribaa is evil and strictly prohibited in Islam!

The next ayah, Ayah No. 278, in the series Yaaa Ayyuhal Lazeena Aamnu is also from Surah al Baqarah.

After discussing Aayaats 254 to 274 that deal with charity, we are now moving ahead with another set of aayaats (verses 275 to 281) dealing with interest/usury among other things.

While charity denotes giving, generosity, purification, growth, cooperation and mutual social welfare, Ribaa signifies stinginess, greed and self-aggrandizement.  Continue reading

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Write down your loan and debt transactions!

Dear brothers and sisters, Assalamu Alaikum.

Please Note:  The next ayah in the series Yaaa Ayyuhal Lazeena Aamanu is about the forbiddance of Ribaa, that is, Interest or Usury. Since the topic needs elaborate study/discussion, and given the professional workload, I am unable to post about it now. Sorry for delaying. Actually when you want the post to be short, you need a lot of time to prepare and present in a concise way.

Inshaa’Allah I will post on ayah no. 278 in a day or two.

As the next ayah addressing the Believers has already been posted here 🙂 I am re-posting it so that at least those of you who didn’t read that before can read it now, and also my dear subscribers/regular readers can re-read it and refresh your Eemaan, Inshaa’Allah. Continue reading

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I am a Muslim, alhamdulillah! Is my pocket also a Muslim?

Zakah and Ramadhaan are seen as twins. In Ramadhaan, we not only fast but we also give Zakah, alhamdulillah. Even though it is a not a rule that the Zakah be given only in this month, we give Zakah in Ramadhaan because of amassing greater rewards in this blessed month. We have to give Zakah anyway, so why not give in a Month which is Full of Blessings Unlimited?

Interesting point to note is that both Zakah and Sawm (Fasting) were made obligatory in the same year, the Second Year of Hijrah.

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