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Eight Solid Reasons How Muslim Ummah is Blessed!

We need to think in a different way as to why the world is not comfortable with Islam, and why Muslims are normally being targeted, insulted and ridiculed.

Jealousy; fear, apprehension and insecure feeling that Islam will become a dominant force in the world – these are some reasons why Islam is being made to hate in the world today.

Muslims being the Blessed Nation, is the principal reason why Islam and Muslims, down the ages, happen to be always at the receiving end.

In this post, as the title says, we will try to find out the reasons as to how Muslim Ummah is the Blessed Nation, a distinction conferred by none other than the Lord of the worlds Himself, Who Alone has the prerogative right to bestow honour and dignity on whomsoever He wills.

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The world must follow Prophet Muhammad to achieve success and salvation!

Ever since the release of the latest dirty video on our Prophet (peace be upon him), I was thinking to write on the historical reason behind mockery and the hate campaign. The question why Islam and its Prophet is always under attack by some groups of people has just one word answer: Jealousy! Read on…..

The Jews and Christians were already informed by their respective Prophets – Prophet Moosa and Prophet Eesa (Moses and Jesus, Peace be upon them) – about the coming of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the need to obey and follow him.

The Old Testament is old and outdated and the New Testament is no more new. Now, the world has to follow the Last and Final Testament, that is the Qur’an. This is the only way and there can’t be any other alternative to success. Arrogance and prejudice have be to shed and things must be seen clearly.  Continue reading

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