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Freedom of expression or Freedom to Blaspheme?

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FREEDOM of expression must not be confused with freedom from the consequences of expression. Exercising freedom and abusing it are not the same. The latter forfeits the former. Just because we are free to express ourselves, it doesn’t free us from the responsibility for what we express. We are responsible for what we say and do and for the consequences thereof and so must consider carefully what we want to express. This is the basis of what we call civilized socially responsible behavior.  Continue reading

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Inspiring verses of all times!

These verses, on the one hand, inspire Muslims that Islam will always be the dominant power on earth and, on the other hand, they are Almighty Allah’s open declaration to all enemies of Truth and Justice that their nefarious designs and sinister moves against Islam and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) will not work and that their plans to stop Islam from spreading will never be successful!  Continue reading

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