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How to instill the Qualities of Manhood in our Children?

بسم الله والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله

This question represents one of the major problems of parenting in today’s world. The following are some of many Islamic points that will help develop manhood in a child’s personality:

1. Call them by respectful Nicknames:

Calling the child Abu so and so, or Umm so and so, is something that increases their sense of responsibility and makes them feel older than their actual age. This will make them feel equal to older people. (Abu means father/Umm means mother)  Continue reading

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Battle of Badr: Commemorating and Getting Inspired

Every year, 17th of Ramadhaan reminds us of this historical battle.

We know that Ramadhaan is the Month of Jihad.

Allah, the Lord of the worlds, designated it as Yaum al Furqaan. (please read this post)

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Robert Davila’s Inspirational Story

Sharing this inspiring story through Br. Nouman Ali Khan and Sr. Hena Zuberi.

Read on ….and listen to the 11 Minutes-video to get rejuvenated, Inshaa’Allah…..

Sometimes we land in a spiritual slump and want to stop doing what we are doing, and then Allāh sends us inspiration when we need it most.  I watched this last night and had to share this with our readers, although it has probably been shared all over the world, on forums, Facebook pages, and websites (yes, even soap opera sites). It deserves to be shared, māshā’Allāh.  Continue reading

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Peace Brigade

The world would become a better place to live in if we adopt the positive aspect of what is being in this hadeeth as the theme of our life!  Continue reading

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Wa Ma Tawfeeqee il-laah bil-laah

Dear brothers and sisters, Assalamu Alaikum.

In today’s society, success seems to have many “fathers”. Failure is an orphan. Nobody wants to own it!

You might have heard people bragging: ‘Your success is because of me!’ ‘You got promoted because of my recommendation!’ ‘Without me, you’ll be nowhere!’ ‘Your accomplishment is due to my favour!’ ‘No, it’s not because of him, its only because of me, you achieved success!’!!

A true Muslim understands the hollowness of such a bragging!  Continue reading

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Wa Ma Tawfeeqee il-laah bil-laah

Today I would like to discuss briefly on this extremely popular phrase. You must have seen it in wall hangings etc.

Do we know what is the value and significance of this Qur’anic phrase?

Every endeavor of ours need the Tawfeeq of Allah and only then its purpose will be achieved and its goal reached. We cannot do anything without the Tawfeeq of Allah. Tawfeeq only comes from Allah and none else! What then is Tawfeeq?  Continue reading

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Inspiring verses of all times!

These verses, on the one hand, inspire Muslims that Islam will always be the dominant power on earth and, on the other hand, they are Almighty Allah’s open declaration to all enemies of Truth and Justice that their nefarious designs and sinister moves against Islam and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) will not work and that their plans to stop Islam from spreading will never be successful!  Continue reading

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No two days must be the same!

We were anxiously waiting for Ramadhaan, right?

Ramadhaan came and see how fast the first five days of Ramadhaan are over!

Like this, one day, our life will also be over. Prophet Muhammad Sal-lal-laahu-alaihi-wa-sallam said:  Continue reading

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Let’s get inspired!

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem.

One of the many benefits of reading books on biography is that we tend to get inspired and motivated. I read this book about two years ago and re-read it today.

What a man Abdullah ibn al Mubarak was! May Allah be pleased with him.

After reading this wonderful work on the biography of this great servant of Allah, I just paused to do self-evaluation.  Continue reading

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