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Muslims have been at the receiving end. Rape and Loot at the hands of the powers that be. In and around MuzaffarNagar, a town in Uttar Pradesh in Northern India.

Reproducing here the Exclusive Cover Story on Muzaffarnagar riots published in the current issue of Outlook India News Magazine. The story brings into focus the face of shameless India. The brazen facts brought to us by the magazine’s writer/reporter, Neha Dixit, scream to tell the world that this happens only in India. The naked dance of communalism and organised rape at the hands of a heartless village chief! A tearful saga of a community that struggles to survive! Read on… Continue reading

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Be Merciful. Enact Capital Punishment!

Constitution and judicial system are important elements to govern the human society.

If there is apathy and callousness on the part of any governing authority, it will give an indication that that particular society has gone to dogs!

Girls are being raped. And the law is slack. The crime is heinous. And the punishment is casual!

Day in and day out, we see in India (and I am ashamed to tell this) women are being disgraced and dishonored.  The animal in man has not spared even a 5 year old girl child!

And our ‘leaders’ are found discussing, shouting, issuing press statements against the crime.  Continue reading

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