An effort in f a c i l i t a t i o n

If you ignore this Warning, you will be among the Liars!!

From E-mails to Facebook to WhatsApp. The craze continues.

Somebody sends a message to someone. He reads it. Whether he understands the message or not, he simply forwards it to you. You get the message. At times you read it and at times you don’t get time to read. Still you forward it to others. And the cycle continues….

Reason? If you forward the message, you will get so many good deeds – hasanaat!

What a discovery!!

The hadeeth I am going to present today should serve as a Warning from the Messenger of Allah to this 21st century man. And woman!

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A beautiful hadeeth on Qiyamul Layl

Life is like an ice-cube. It melts in no time!

See how quick Ramadhaan came and how fast it is moving away from us……..!

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