An effort in f a c i l i t a t i o n

Wa Ma Tawfeeqee il-laah bil-laah

Dear brothers and sisters, Assalamu Alaikum.

In today’s society, success seems to have many “fathers”. Failure is an orphan. Nobody wants to own it!

You might have heard people bragging: ‘Your success is because of me!’ ‘You got promoted because of my recommendation!’ ‘Without me, you’ll be nowhere!’ ‘Your accomplishment is due to my favour!’ ‘No, it’s not because of him, its only because of me, you achieved success!’!!

A true Muslim understands the hollowness of such a bragging!  Continue reading

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Seek Counsel, Seek Happiness!

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem.

Of all the materials I found about Salatul Istikhaarah, this is the best 🙂  Continue reading

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