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What belongs to Allah?

Note to non-Muslim readers: Some mistake Allah to be “Muslim God” or God of Muslims. This is far from truth. Allah is the proper name of the One, True and the Only Lord of all mankind and all that exists in the heavens and the earth. He is my Creator and your Creator. He is unseen and has no images. Thank you.

Given the fact that everything belongs to Allah, this question might appear stupid or innocent.

Getting to understand something of everything that belongs to Allah will only lead one to appreciate the greatness of Allah. It will also increase your faith in your Creator.

So let’s explore what the Creator Himself says about what all belongs to Him, and Him alone.

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Manifestation of Mercy in Surah al Mulk, Part 2

1. Blessed be Allah Who has kept everything under His absolute control.  The universe is functioning perfectly and smoothly only because  it is controlled by the One and Only Almighty Lord.

The dominion belongs to Him alone! The sovereignty belongs to Him alone!  The privilege to create is His and the privilege to legislate for His creation is also exclusively His!

The problem in the world today is that man has snatched the right of Allah and taken upon himself saying  ‘Sovereignty belongs to people’!  How can we the people be sovereign? It is the folly of the hegemonic man that he considers himself to be the sovereign lord!!  Continue reading

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‘Allahumma Maalikal Mulki Tu’til Mulka Man Tashaa’u….’

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem.

I would like to discuss on these two most beautiful verses of Surah Aal Imraan. These two verses are Eemaan Boosters in the true sense of the term!  Continue reading

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