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Al-Kawthar: A River of Goodness Through This Life and the Next

I found this to be very beneficial, so sharing here, alhamdulillaah.

InShaa’Allah, you’ll learn how to be productive through the Surah that made the Prophet (salallahu alayhi wa salam) smile!

Anas (radiyallahu ‘anhu) said, The Holy Prophet was among us. In the meantime he dozed; then he raised his head, smiling, and said, “A chapter was revealed to me earlier.” Then he read, “Indeed, We have granted you al-Kawthar. So, pray to your Lord and sacrifice. Indeed, the one who insults you, he is cut off… [Saheeh Muslim]

Surah al-Kawthar is the shortest surah of the Quran and many of us have memorized it, but do we truly feel it when we recite it? What does this surah have to do with us? It was the powerful emaan booster given by Allah (‘azza wajal) to His Prophet and the community in a very difficult time, so let’s find out how we can use it to boost our faith and make us more productive!  Continue reading

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‘Allahumma Maalikal Mulki Tu’til Mulka Man Tashaa’u….’

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem.

I would like to discuss on these two most beautiful verses of Surah Aal Imraan. These two verses are Eemaan Boosters in the true sense of the term!  Continue reading

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Tafseer of Surah al Buruuj

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem

Dr. Bilal Philips brings out the commentary on Surah al Buruuj. Continue reading

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Surah al Asr: The quintessence of Qur’anic teachings

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem

A short and meaningful pdf presentation on Surah al Asr made by Sr. Aisha is uploaded here with her kind permission. Continue reading

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The “Light Verse” of the Qur’an

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem

The 35th verse of the 24th surah of the Qur’an, an-Nur, is known as the Light Verse (ayat an-nur). The verse is so called because of the remarkable parable of light—Divine Light–it contains.

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Three Different Natures

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem

In the creation of Allah the Almighty there are three different types: the first is that given to absolute obedience and complete self-surrender whose role is completed with its submission and is manifested in the angels prostrating, one and all, to Adam as commanded by their Lord. The second type is that of absolute disobedience and spiteful arrogance, while the third is that of human nature. We will concentrate on the characteristics of the latter two types and how they work.

Allah the Almighty says

{And [Allah] said: “What has prevented you from prostrating yourself when I commanded you? He [Iblis] answered: “I am nobler than he: You created me out of fire, while You created him out of clay.”}(Al-A`raf 7: 12)

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Reflections on the Qur’an: Refinement of the Soul

By Wa’il Shihab

In Surat Ash-Shams, Allah swears by the nafs [here translated “soul” but better understood as “self”] saying [By the soul [nafs] and He Who proportioned it, and inspired it its wickedness and its righteousness; he has succeeded who purifies it, and he has failed who instills it (with corruption)].(Ash-Shams: 7-9).

The above Qur’anic verses signify the following:

  1. Allah swears by the nafs, and this is an indication of the serious role that the nafs plays in the life of man. According to the verses, Allah has created the nafs and inspired it with what is right and what is wrong. This means that every nafs could know what is right and what is wrong. Every nafs could drive and lead man to the truth if it is good and purified.The nafs is of three kinds:

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