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People of the Garden

By Muhammad Abdul Hai

Once upon a time there was a wealthy and pious man.  He had a big garden always full of green trees laden with fruits.  In the season, this rightful man used to distribute some of the fruits among the poor.  The poor people of the City would wait for the fruits to become ripe and throng do the Garden during the season.  They would be happy after getting their share and go away. Continue reading

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Prophet of the Fish

Adapted from Machli Wale Nabi by Muhammad Abdul Hai

For quite some time the boat was trembling and everybody believed it would sink.  All passengers seemed helpless.

In those days it was a belief among the voyagers that the boats would tremble in balance whenever a sinful person happened to be among the passengers. Sensing this someone said: “Assuredly, there is some sinful man in our boat.” Everyone thought of himself but no one could recall having done any sin. So they remained quiet. And the boat was about to sink. Continue reading

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The Beautiful Story of Prophet Sulaymaan عليه السلام

Sulaymaan  عليه السلام was one of the prominent Prophets of Allaah, may Allaah exalt their mention. He is well known in the religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. His story, which is an interesting one, is mentioned in the Noble Quran. Continue reading

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The People of Sabt

By Muhammad Abdul Hai

It seems the fishes were also determined in their course of action.  Every Saturday they would come in thousands over surface of the sea.  Anyone could capture them without the help of a net. On other days of the week they would not be seen anywhere.  One would feel as if this portion of sea had no fishes.  Of  course, a strange phenomenon. Continue reading

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