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The Book of Life

Note: I found this short write-up by Shaykh Waheeduddin Khan to be worthy of sharing.

The book of life is constantly turning its leaves. Every morning opens a new page. It adds to the leaves turned and lessens the remaining ones. The day is not far when you will be enjoying the last moments of your life. The book then will be closed and all your entries saved. Continue reading

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Shabaan 1434 Vs. Shabaan 1435

I found this article addressing directly to my heart and mind. Please take time to read and reflect. May Allah guide us all on the Straight Path and take our souls in the state of Eemaan. Aameen. Read on……Inshaa’Allah….

What’s the difference between Shabaan 1434 and Shabaan 1435?

This question may seem confusing or pointless, but before you read on, I want you to ponder for a moment over what you feel the difference is.

Continue reading

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‘What sort of book is this?!!’

Friday and Surah al Kahf is synonymous with the reciters of the Qur’an.

What makes some of us to take a pause when we come across this ayah in Surah al Kahf?

The Qur’anic words are so effective that they take the readers on a virtual tour giving them the experience of visualizing the scene depicted as if it were to happen in front of one’s very eyes!  Continue reading

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