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10 Qur’an Reading Ideas

Ideas help us grow. And grow stronger.

Here are Ten Ideas, and if you have any, you’ re most welcome to share.  Continue reading

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“Woe to those who read them without reflection”

“so woe to those who read them without reflecting upon them”. This statement which is part of a Sahih Hadeeth should serve as a warning to all those who read the glorious Qur’an without reflecting upon its verses or pondering over them.

While we Muslims read a lot from the Book of Allah in the blessed month of Ramadhaan, I pray to Almighty Allah to shower upon us the grace of wisdom to understand and reflect over the teachings of His glorious and gracious Book. Aameen.

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Abandoning the Qur’an

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem

Imam ibn al Qayyim al Jawziyya has listed out five types of abandonment of the Qur’an. We need to know them so that we can always be careful and cautious about them.  Continue reading

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Reaping the Blessings of Shabaan with the Qur’an

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem.

I was reading this e-book and thought of sharing it with you all. It’s about the Qur’an and what needs to be done by the believers. A good reminder and a motivation to all of us, alhamdulillah.  Continue reading

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