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Fast of Aashura, and when?

The 10th of Muharram is popularly known as Aashura. 

Fasting on this day is highly encouraged.

There seems to surround some confusion with regard to the dates.

As per the Saudi announcement, Aashura falls on Thursday, the 14th November. As per the dates given in UAE Awqaf Ministry’s website, 10th Muharam falls on Wednesday, 13th Nov.

While it is true that we must always go by the local announcement about the sighting of the moon and the commencement of the month, in this case I feel it is better to fast on both days, i.e. 13th and 14th November, Inshaa’Allah.

Some of the merits of the fast of Aashura are mentioned below:  Continue reading

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Is it right to use the word ‘Samaritan’ for a good person?

While teaching/reading the story of Prophet Musa, this question always crosses my mind: Is it right for Muslims to use the word ‘Samaritan’ to mean or refer to a good-natured person? The Oxford Dictionary mentions that ‘a good samaritan’ is an idiom which means ‘a person who gives sympathy and help to people’.

Language is built up upon culture and values. The people who use this word have taken it from their culture and religion. How can a Muslim use this word to refer to someone doing a good act? There are two versions to the story.  Continue reading

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