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Tafseer of the Last Tenth of the Qur’an with crucial matters

Tafseer al ‘Ushr al Akheer min al Qur’an al Kareem is a very popular Tafseer book. 

This is a summarized book that contains the most important matters that a Muslim needs in his life: from Qur’an, hadeeth, tafseer, fiqh rulings, beliefs, virtues, etc. This book is in 2 parts:

The first part includes simple translation and brief explanation to the Last Tenth of the Qur’an (that is, the three last parts – Ajza – of the Qur’an) from Zubdat At-Tafseer by Shaykh Muhammad Al-Ashqar.

The second part contains rulings concerning the Muslim, which includes:  Continue reading

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Through Surah al Kahf and Throughout our life!

Reading Surah al Kahf every Friday is always rewarding, refreshing, rejuvenating, reinforcing.

Instilling, inspiring, involving, incorporating.

Every week the regular reader is reminded that everything in this world happens with the knowledge and permission of Allah. Without the Will of Allah, nothing happens!

Muslims are enjoined to say MaaShaaAllah and InShaaAllah in their day to day life. When making a plan, say Inshaa’Allah. If Allah wills, it will happen. Upon witnessing something pleasant or unpleasant, say MaaShaa’Allah. What Allah willed, has happened/What Allah wills, will happen!  Continue reading

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