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Qur’an and our Fast-food Approach!

The situation of the global Muslim community is no better than fast-food companies!

They specialize in food that is prepared and served quickly.

We specialize in Qur’an Reading that is faster and finished quickly! Continue reading

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The Chronological Order of the Surahs

The chronological order of suras (i.e., the order in which quran suras are revealed to the holy prophet) is specified in several reliable sources most of which are based on the narrations received from the great prophet’s companion, Ibn Abbas.

The traditional order of revelation is provided in the table below. The detailed information is extracted from “The History of the Quran” by Allamah Abu Abd Allah al-Zanjani [1][2]. Professor Noldeke in his famous work “Geschichte des Korans”[3] has provided an ordering which is slightly different from the traditional order in the following two items:

  • Sura 110 (An-Nasr) is the last in the traditional order, but Noldeke has placed it between 59 and 24.

  • Sura 62 (Al-Jumu’a) is after 64 and 61 in the traditional order, but Noldeke has placed it before 64 and 61.

Note that the order of a sura is specified based on the revealation of the first ayas of the sura, not the revelation of the whole sura. Continue reading

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How the Revelation came to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

By Ahmad Von Denffer

Allah, the Creator, has not only brought about the creation, but continues to sustain and direct it in the way that He has created humans and all that is around them. He has provided many forms of guidance, indeed, a system of guiding principles, a part of which are the laws of nature.

But Almighty Allah has also granted a special form of guidance for mankind from the outset of its occupancy of the earth. He promised Adam and his descendants,

(Go down, all of you, from hence. But verily there cometh unto you from Me a guidance, and whoso follow My guidance, there shall no fear come upon them neither shall they grieve. ) (Al-Baqarah 2:38)

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Why the Qur’an was Revealed over 23 years?

By Fethullah Gulen

It’s important to note that if the Qur’an had been revealed all at once, people would ask, “Why was it sent down all at once and not in stages?” The ultimate answer to such questions lies with God, the All-Wise and All-Knowing. Our decisions are based on a very limited viewpoint, as we are limited creatures.

The Divine decree, on the other hand, considers everything — our moral and spiritual well-being, worldly happiness, and both the present and future — and weaves the whole into a single pattern that is coherent with grace and wisdom. Thus, the benefit we derive from the Divine commandments is immeasurable, and the blessing that flows from obeying them is beyond our imagination. And so it is with the method that God chose to reveal the Qur’an. Continue reading

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Stages of Revelation

Essential to learning the history of the Quran is the study of the stages of its revelation, which is usually referred to by the term “‘Tanzeel’ of the Quran”, literally, the descent or the ‘sending down’ of the Quran from the Heavens to the Earth. Some of the aspects to be discussed in relationship to this would be the meaning of the ‘Tanzeel’ and why it happened in stages, what was revealed first and what was revealed last, and the significance of understanding the sequence in revealing the different parts of the Quran, among others.

Certainly, the study of the ‘Tanzeel’ of the Quran is one of the most important aspects of the Sciences of the Quran, because it is related to the beginning of the last revelation, and to being certain of its descent from Allaah, which is the foundation of believing in the Quran as the Word of Allaah that came from Him, as well as in the truthfulness of the Message of Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam.

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