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None has any right to misguide!

While attending a contact class during my B.Ed. degree course, I remember one Professor saying, “A teacher has the right to teach. He has the right not to teach. But never has he any right to misguide.”

He was very true. And he was not of Muslim faith! May Allah have mercy on him.

You must be wondering why am I saying this here, and now?  Continue reading

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3 Graciously Beautiful Gifts of Me’raaj

Dear brothers and sisters, Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahamtullahi Wa Barakatuhu.

On the occasion of Al Israa wal Me’raaj, i.e. the glorious Prophet’s Night Journey and Ascension, Allah subhanahu wa Ta’aala gifted His beloved Messenger and his followers, three beautifully gracious and graciously beautiful gifts, the likes of which no community on earth ever got!  Continue reading

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Israa wal Me’raaj

Dear brothers/sisters, Assalamu Alaikum.

Every year in the month of Rajab we find Muslims around the world talking, discussing etc. about this unique incident that took place in the glorious life of Prophet Muhammad sal-lal-laahu-alaihi-wa-sallam. It has become a common ‘belief’ among us that this fascinating episode took place in the month of Rajab while the fact is otherwise!

I was reluctant to have this re-posted for the fear of becoming one among those who “follow the crowd”. But then I gave second thought and reconsidered to go ahead with the sole intention to educate and convey the truth of the matter.

Two articles are given here, one is in pdf form, which gives a thorough analysis on different aspects of al Israa wa Me’raaj and the other one is a short article, a fatwa, on whether to celebrate the occasion or not. Continue reading

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E-book on Isra and Me’raaj

An excellent e-book on different aspects of Al Isra wal Me’raaj is uploaded here. Please download and spread the word, Inshaa’Allah.  Continue reading

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Ruling on celebrating the Night of Israa and Mi`raaj

While interacting with my students, when I told them that there is no value attached to celebrating the Night of Israa and Me’raaj, some students asked: Sir, why then Muslim governments declare holiday on this occasion? It is to commemorate the occasion, not celebrate it.

Well, I thought of sharing this beautiful piece of information with you, dear readers.  Continue reading

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