An effort in f a c i l i t a t i o n

Illumination from the Centre Spread!

بسم الله والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله

Surah al Kahf is in the Centre of the Qur’an’s pages. In Journalism and Mass Media, we are taught the importance of the Centre Spread.

The Centre Page contains important news, illustrations, editorial, feature posts and lead articles. When we read this Surah every Friday, we are reminded of the gist of Islam so we refresh our knowledge concerning the significant aspects of our day to day living.

No wonder then that this lesson-rich Surah is a light from Friday to Friday. It keeps us on the right track for the remaining days of our life, enlightening us with gracious illuminations and amazing insights.

The only thing needed for the reader is to open his mind, kindle the lamp of learning and have a readiness to capture the colourful snapshots radiating from this beautiful Surah called Al Kahf.

May we all be blessed with the Hidayah and Tawfeeque to do what we are expected to do as eminent followers of humanity’s last and final Messenger, Prophet Muhammad sal-lal-laahu-alaihi-wa-sallam.


For Friday and Surah al Kahf related, please visit this page, inShaaAllah:

Friday and Surah al Kahf

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