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Did ‘U’ know These Names of the Prophetic Family?

بسم الله والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله

There are many names connected with the family of the glorious Messenger of Allah – Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him – that start with the English alphabet ‘U’. Can you recall and identify who were they and how they were related to him?

Their names are: 1. Ubaydah, 2. Ubaydullah, 3. Umamah, 4. Umarah, 5. Umaymah, 6. Umar, 7. Umayr, 8. Umm Ayman, 9. Umm al Fadl, 10. Umm Habeebah, 11. Umm Hani, 12. Umm Kulthum, 13. Umm Ruman, 14. Ummu Salamah, 15. Usamah, 16. Utaybah, 17. Utbah and 18. Uthman.

I am not giving their full names as it would be like giving clues 🙂

Answers, here InshaaAllah.

Sal-lal-laahu ‘ala Muhammad, Sal-lal-laahu ‘alaihi wa Sallam.

Baarakallaahu Feekum.



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  1. 1.Dunno whose Ubaydah, but Abu Ubaydah, Aamir ibn Jarrah RA pulled out links with his teeth in Uhud
    2. No idea
    3. Umamah: Daughter of his daughter Zainub
    4. Umarah: not too sure but Umm Ummarah defended the prophet in Uhud
    5. Umaymah: one of his grand daughters??
    6. Umar: the father of his wife, Hafsa RA
    7. Umayr:couple umayrs but the first one that comes to mind is Umayr bin Abi Waqqaas who was martyred at 14
    8. Umm Ayman: Barakah, his substitute mother
    9. Umm al Fadl: Lubabah RA, wife of his uncle Abbaas RA
    10. Umm Habeebah: Wife
    11. Umm Hani: cousin
    12. Umm Kulthum: Daughter
    13. Umm Ruman: Mother-in-law
    14. Ummu Salamah: wife
    15. Usamah: Adopted grandson
    16. Utaybah, + 17. Utbah son in laws, ex
    18. Uthman: Son in law to 2 of his Daughters

    Comment by Raconteuse | November 26, 2016 | Reply

    • Jazakillaahu Khayra for participating.
      Today I uploaded the answers. Please have a look. Thank you.

      Comment by MuQeet | November 28, 2016 | Reply

  2. Found the questions! Sadly, I saw the answers first.

    Comment by Haya | November 29, 2016 | Reply

    • Alhamdulillaah you found both.
      Baarakallaahu Feek.

      Comment by MuQeet | November 30, 2016 | Reply

  3. How can I connect you , brother Muqeet ?

    Comment by Adonis Rahman | December 3, 2016 | Reply

    • Whatever the reason, please contact through comments InshaaAllah.

      Comment by MuQeet | December 3, 2016 | Reply

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