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Shariah is for Human Welfare

Today ‘Shariah‘ is projected in the media as if it is something dreadful!

The hate-merchants, with all their propaganda, overt and covert agenda, would like you to ‘believe’ that Shariah is warfare while the fact is that Shariah is for human welfare!

In reality it is a ‘Clear Path’ laid down by the Almighty Himself so that man can legislate his affairs in the light of His guidance.

Linguistically, the word “Shariah” means “the way to a waterhole”.

And water is the source of life!

No water, no life. No Shariah, no Islam!

So all this intolerance to Shariah is to strip Muslims of their life-saving jacket. 

The Creator knows His creation. He knows what is good for man, what is harmful to man.

Shariah, therefore, is driven by God, powered and programmed by Him for the welfare of humanity for all times, for all people and for all places.

No supreme court in the world has any right to wag its tail with regard to the Shariah. That would be unacceptable to Muslims and idiotic to reason.

May Allah Guide us unto the Straight Path.

Sal-lal-laahu-alaa Muhammad, Sal-lal-laahu alaihi wa Sallam.

Baarakallaahu Feekum.

Download: Shariah: The Way of Justice

Download:Triple TALAQ in the Light of Qur’an and Sunnah (This is a beneficial read especially for Indian readership as it is one of the hot topics of the day)

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  1. Salam
    The reason being it has been getting bad review is the way it has been dealt with in some countries. In the early milenieum a BBC documentary made in Pakistan of its shariah law implementation. It just show a fat rich man fat cash can buy witness etc.
    All abt implementation and how the judge dishing out judgement and not taking into factors .. they just listened to whomever able to bring 4 witnesses and swear on Quran.
    And more in some other countries.

    It is human and culture plus greed spoils the code.

    Comment by Marhaen | November 21, 2016 | Reply

  2. Atheists and secularists say the adhere to humanism. The the thing that everyone needs to know is that Islam is real humanism. Real true humanism. Not illusion like secular humanism. If we look at the meaning of humanism, it is the doctrine that people’s duty is to promote human welfare. Islam promotes it more. Not just in this life but the the life to come too. 🙂

    Comment by Ali | November 24, 2016 | Reply

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