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Unprecedented Devastation in Chennai: Make Du’aa, please

PS: Situation worsens….. Hasbunallahu Wa Ni’mal Wakeel

Chennai battles torrential rains. Arterial roads are heavily flooded. Rivers are overflowing and reservoirs are being opened up. In fact, 35 major lakes breach their banks!

Houses are marooned. Electricity is shut down in many areas to avoid electrocution. Thousands rendered homeless!

Chennai Airport is shut as runway is badly flooded. Trains, buses and vehicles are on a standstill. Never seen before situation is prevailing in Chennai right now. Record downpour of rain in Chennai in 100 years!!

With no electricity, mobile phones are not reachable. People living in low lying areas have been alerted to evacuate.

We are worried about our parents, brothers and sisters, and the entire people of Chennai and other parts of Tamil Nadu who are going through a never-before-seen situation.

I cannot contact my parents and brothers as all mobile phones are off. I spoke to them last night and they said water has reached knee-level inside the house. They went to the first floor and only Allah knows what is the situation there now. Ya Allah, have mercy on my parents as they were kind and merciful to me when I was young. Aameen. (PS: Alhamdulillah, they are fine) 

Please make du’aa for the affected people. Du’aa is only thing that will help. So please make du’aa for the suffering humanity. Please….Ya Allah have mercy on the people, forgive their sins and save them from destruction.

Dua in Arabic    O Allah, let the rain fall around us and not upon us, O Allah, let it fall on the pasture, hills, valleys and roots of trees. 

Some News here and here. See Live Updates

Helpline numbers:

National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) Helpline No. For Chennai Floods 011-24363260 and +919711077372.

Indian Navy’s helpline number in Chennai: +9144 25394240

The Indian Army’s helpline: 9840295100

Southern Railway Helpline: 044-29015204, 044-29015208, 044-28190216, 044-25330714

Helpline For Flood Relief Mobile Van 24 Hrs 9884006998

PS: Some Helplines can be found here

Tree fall, Waterlogging


Sewage overflow

+9144 45674567,

+9144 22200335

State Emergency

+9144 1070

District Emergency

+9144 1077


+9144 1912

Fire & Rescue


The map shows regions that are heavily flooded:

Couldn’t believe my eyes! Is this the famous Saidapet bridge?!

Embedded image permalink

A scene of Chennai Airport…Subhanallah!

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