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A Sound Heart Makes Life Meaningful

العقل السليم في الجسم السليم ‘A sound mind in a sound body’ is a popular proverb of a bygone era.

The modern version is الجسم السليم في العقل السليم ‘A sound body in a sound mind’.

Both versions insist that the mind and body should be both healthy and sound. The proverb demonstrates the close links between physical exercise, mental equilibrium and the ability to enjoy life.

We know that the glorious Qur’an is unique in all aspects. It clearly and unambiguously declares that a sound mind and sound body are just not enough to live a happy and prosperous life. You need قلب سليم ‘a sound heart’ to make your live meaningful and enjoyable. And ultimately successful!

Heart is an important connecting factor that helps the body and mind to co-ordinate with each other. Without a ‘sound heart’, man’s body and mind, will seem hollow.

In other words, heart is the most vital element for all round development of a human being: physical, mental and spiritual.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, “Beware! There is a piece of flesh in the body. If it becomes good, the whole body becomes good but if it gets spoiled, the whole body gets spoiled, and beware, that is the heart.”  This hadeeth is from Sahih al Bukhari

As the eminent scholar (late) Ustadh Khurram Murad says, “The ‘heart’, in Qur’anic vocabulary, is not just a piece of flesh in your body, but it is the centre of all your feelings, emotions, motives, drives, aspirations, remembrance and attention”.

It is the heart which softens or hardens. It is the heart that goes blind. It is the heart that inspires the mind to reason and understand. (For further reading on heart, here)

Allah presents Prophet Ibraheem (Peace be upon him) as an excellent role model because he possessed a sound heart:

وَإِنَّ مِن شيعَتِهِ لَإِبرٰهيمَ

إِذْ جَاءَ رَبَّهُ بِقَلْبٍ سَلِيمٍ

“And indeed, among his (Noah’s) kind was Abraham.

When he came to his Lord with a sound heart” (Surah As-Saaffaat 37: 83, 84)

To conclude, dear brothers and sisters, it is the sound heart that will come to our rescue in the Day of Judgement, not our brain or brawn.

يَومَ لا يَنفَعُ مالٌ وَلا بَنونَ 

إِلّا مَن أَتَى اللَّـهَ بِقَلبٍ سَليمٍ

“The Day when there will not benefit [anyone] wealth or children.

But only one who comes to Allah with a sound heart.” (Surah Ash-Shu’ara 26: 88, 89)

May Allah bless us with a sound heart, a heart devoid of hypocrisy. Aameen.

Sal-lal-laahu ‘ala Muhammad, sal-lal-laahu ‘alaihi wa sallam.

Jazakallaahu Khayra for reading this post. Baarakallaahu feekum.

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  1. Assalam u Alaikum, Jazak Allah,for sharing all these valuable information with us .May Allah help us on the right path Ameen

    Comment by Mohammad | April 27, 2015 | Reply

    • Wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu. Baarakallahu feekum.

      Comment by MuQeet | April 27, 2015 | Reply

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