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Qur’an as Light in our Life

A beautiful description I found and wish to share with you all. Read on….Inshaaa’Allah.

Allāh repeatedly describes the great Qur’ān as being a ‘light’, unmistakable, clear in articulation and beautiful in its instructions. He, the Most High says:

“So have faith in Allāh and His Messenger and in the Light We have sent down.” (Al-Qur’ān 64:8)

Light as we know it not only touches the surface of a leaf but seeps beneath it to impact on the inner system of the entire plant by triggering photosynthetic activity. This then nourishes the leaf, invigorates it and fills it with life. A plant will shrivel and harden without water. The tremor caused by water droplets hitting the hard, barren earth stimulates the emergence of lush green vegetation, and fruit, sweet in its essence and beneficial to humanity.

He who brings about such vibrant life from barren earth is the One who gives life to dead, hardened hearts. His words are the Qur’ān, sent down from the heavens, upon fertile hearts that tremble in its reception, coming to life and forth in faith, guided by its shining light. Amazingly, this very similitude of comparing the Qur’ān to fertile lush rain and its impact on dry barren earth is used often in the Qur’ān. In chapter 39 al Zumar, reflect on what Allāh says:

“Do you not see that Allāh sends down water from the sky and threads it through the earth to emerge as springs and then by it brings forth crops of varying colours, which then wither and you see them turning yellow and then He makes them into broken stubble? There is a reminder in that for people of intelligence.”

“Is he whose breast is opened to Islām, and who is therefore illuminated by his Lord…? Woe to those whose hearts are hardened against the remembrance of Allāh! Such people are clearly misguided.”

“Allāh has sent down the Supreme Discourse, a Book consistent in its frequent repetitions. The skins of those who fear their Lord tremble at it and then their skins and hearts yield softly to the remembrance of Allāh. That is Allāh’s guidance by which He guides whoever He wills. And no one can guide those whom Allāh misguides.” (Al-Qur’ān 39:21-23)

‘Tremble’ from ‘Taqsha’iru’ refers to shiver that causes the hairs on the body to stand up, commonly known as ‘Goosebumps.’ Such imagery depicts the receivers of Qur’ân, tranquilly humbled, peacefully tearful and with shivers running down their bodies when they hear it, contemplate over it unreached eloquence and over their inability to match it. It is in specific reference to the leaders of the Ummah, the companions of the Messenger (sal lallāhu ʿalayhi wa sallam) (Tafsīr Qurtubi)

Verses such as these illustrate just how far away the Muslim world has become from the Great Qur’ān. Its purpose is far beyond being simply a Sacred Text that is recalled now and again, quoted in gatherings, brushed scripted on the walls of Masājid or recited at funerals. In fact, it is a guiding light, one that is totally indispensable to our very existence and the beacon to our success in this life and the next. Even according to non-Muslim academics, it “transformed a number of heterogeneous desert tribes of the Arabian peninsula into a nation of heroes,” (G. Maragliouth in his Introduction to J. M. Rodwells – ‘The Koran”, New York – ‘Everyman’s Library, 1977, p VI)

It “attracts, astounds, and in the end enforces our reverence… Its style, in accordance with its contents and aim is stern, grand – ever and always, truly sublime.” (Goethe – quoted in T. P. Huges “Dictionary of Islam”, p. 526)

And to Allāh belongs all praise.

Taken from Islam21C

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  1. This post is a great reminder.
    I cannot help but I thanks to Allah (SWT) that I belong to a Muslim family.
    I pray to Allah for the strengthening of my faith( Ameen)

    Comment by naturelover | February 7, 2015 | Reply

  2. Mashaa Allah

    Comment by soulsofislamadmin | February 8, 2015 | Reply

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