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Farewell Address

Everyone, except the war-mongers, want peace to prevail in the society. 

Presenting “The Prescription” for attaining Peace at all levels: Peace with oneself, Peace with one’s environment and Peace with one’s Creator. 


In his Farewell Address of surgical precision, Prophet Muhammad – the Benefactor of Humanity, peace be upon him, laid down the International Charter of Human Rights while presenting Islam in a nutshell.

This Address provides guidance to the followers of Islam so that they can lead a righteous life on their sojourn at Planet Earth.

The content of this Farewell Speech also calls upon the people at the helm of affairs, including the men at the United Nations Organisation, to reflect upon and imbibe its teachings in the charter of human rights.

Imbibe and act upon. The world needs peace, enough of talking!!

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Eid Greetings from YasSarNal QuR’aN :)

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