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Adhaan: The Call to Prayer, Part 2

Dear brothers and sisters, Assalamu Alaikum.

When I wrote Part 1 on Adhaan, I was having the intention to continue with a second post but due to work related stress could not do so. Today I thought of at least giving different links so that those interested can find this beneficial, Inshaa’Allah. 

Du’aa after Adhaan

History of Adhaan

A Misunderstanding on the History of Adhaan

Why Two Adhaans on Friday?

Riyaadhus Saliheen: The Excellence of Adhaan

Sahih Bukhari: Kitaabul Adhaan: The Book of Prayer Call

IslamQA’s Athaan Questions and Answers

Good Resource on organising Adhaan Workshop

* Downloads:


File Name

File Type



Introduction to Adhaan 1

Power Point Presentation

606 KB


Introduction to Adhaan 2

PowerPoint presentation

720 KB


Introduction to Adhaan 3

Windows Media player file

19 MB


Message of Adhaan

Windows Media player file

29.5 MB


Answering Adhaan

Windows Media player file

19.6 MB


How to give the Adhaan

Windows Media player file

16.8 MB


Adhaan Practice Session 1

Windows Media player file

6.6 MB


Adhaan Practice Session 2

Windows Media player file

72 MB


Adhaan Practice Session 3

Windows Media player file

6.6 MB

* Adhaan Samples:

Unique Madinah Type Adhaan

Makkah Adhaan by Ali Mu’alla

Unique Adhaan

Madinah Fajr Adhaan

Adhaan by Shaykh Khaleel al Husari

Adhaan in Egypt

Athaan Ghazi A-Sa’adoni

Athaan Majed Al-hamathani

Athaan Hamad Deghreri

Athaan Mishary Alafasi

Athaan Ibrahim Al-Arkani

Athaan Mansoor Az-Zahrani

Athaan Nasser Alqatami

Athaan Al-fajer – Malek chebae 

Sal-lal-laahu ‘Ala Muhammad, Sal-lal-laahu ‘Alaihi Wa Sallam.

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