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Hijrah: The least discussed topic in Rabi al Awwal!


Note: I want more and more readers to read this post, hence I am re-posting this. Please click the link above to go ahead with reading. Thank you and Jazakallaahu Khayra.

Originally posted on YasSarNal QuR'aN:

Dear brothers and sisters, Assalamu Alaikum.

Most of you would have experienced that every year when the month of Rabi al Awwal arises in our life, e-mails start pouring in with arguments and counter-arguments on Prophet’s birthday. Islamic blogs and websites come up with hundreds of articles and posts on the topic Mawlid/Meelad-un-Nabi.

I feel that the most important historical incident that took place in the life history of our glorious Messenger – Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, is seldom discussed in this month! 

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  1. Jazakallah khairun for this re-post.

    Comment by Bilal | January 11, 2014 | Reply

    • Thank you and May Allah bless you. Aameen.

      Comment by MuQeet | January 11, 2014 | Reply

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