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All about Adhaan, the Call to Prayer (Part 1)

أذان  Adhaan (Azaan) translated as ‘Prayer Call’ or ‘Call to Prayer’ originates from the Arabic root أذن adhina which means “to listen, to allow, to permit, to hear, to learn, to call, to announce, to make known, to inform, to notify, to call to prayer, to exhort, to urge, to herald”.

Adhaan is the perpetual International Anthem of Muslims. It is also Islam’s official Broadcasting Channel. Adhaan is in fact the Global Announcement of Muslims – the Proclamation of the oneness of Almighty Lord –  echoed throughout the world via hundreds and thousands of minarets spread across every nook and corner of Planet Earth – not once but five times in a day.

Going beyond the popular cliche 24-7, I can say that the Muslim Prayer Call, Adhaan, is much more than any Live Feed, Live Streaming!

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